Brittle Brian

Brittle Brian releases new Single "Truther," plays Middle East 8/24

Victoria Rose began releasing music under the name "Brittle Brian" in 2014, nearing the end of her enrollment at Boston University. She began putting out two absorbing electronic tracks on "Instrumentals for Looking at Animals" an album sweetly fitting to the activity it recommends. Then her first full-length, Bony French Cathedrals, was a stripped-down acoustic album full of confession. Continuing her organic, self-recorded and produced aesthetic, she released Verisune, an album released following her graduation from college which lead her to become a staple of the Boston scene, playing everywhere from house venues to local favorites like The Great Scott. Like the stark portrait of its album art, Verisune is a personal album that is utterly unique and intense. Most recently she's released "Truther," an eerie ballad which alternates Spanish folk guitar with Elliot Smith influences. We look forward to anything that this individual singer-songwriter brings to Boston in the future. See her alongside Horse Jumper of Love, Dust from 1000 Yrs, and Blue Smiley August 24th. -Allie Miller

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