SiP “Glory Beauty Supply”

SiP recently released a video for their latest single “Glory Beauty Supply”. This is primarily the work of Jimmy Lacy, but for the track he is joined by Gabriel Perez Diaz (Guitar) and Carlos Chavarria (Saxophone). The single was released via the new experimental label Get Strange and the video was created by Robotboot.

SiP @ Cafe Mustache (2/23)

SiP, as it stands today, is the outlet for the Synth-based explorations of Jimmy Lacy. Over the last couple of year he has released incredibly rich live recordings, “Live on Planet Catieo” and "Live at The Whistler”, that really need to be heard to fully understand the live experience of SiP.

You can catch SiP on February 23rd at Cafe Mustache with Mako Sica.

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