New Music Video: "Fools" - CLOAKZ

CLOAKZ, a.k.a. Zachary Ciancaglini (Raccon Fighter), creates for us an intense psychedelic experience in his latest video for "Fools," the opening track off his debut EP Semi-Autographic. The multi-instrumentalist proves to be a bit of a Renaissance man, shooting and editing the video himself. CLOAKZ will be performing live at Bourbon & Branch on Wednesday, September 21 with Kississippi and Hodera.

Debut CLOAKZ EP Available for Streaming & Download

CLOAKZ is a new project from Zachary Ciancaglini, who also drums for NYC-based Raccoon Fighter. It started from demos that he recorded on his phone in-between sessions at a studio in Brooklyn, which caught the attention of producer Alex Lipsen (Headgear Recording). Here is CLOAKZ's debut EP Semi-Autographic; he has also been working on putting together a backing band from Philly's deep pool of talented musicians so keep an eye out for Ciancaglini and friends to pop up on a bill at your favorite venue or get in touch if you play and like what you hear.

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