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It's been less than a year since the last release by muchos prolific songwriter Daniel Romano. He also snuck in a punk rock record last October under the band name Ancient Shapes. Here he is again with the first single from his upcoming record. "Roya" sounds like it picks up where the "Mosey" record left off....somewhere in the 70's. "Mosey" expanded on Romano's classic country sound by adding different layers of instruments and giving it a unique soundscape. To me it was an action movie record and this new tune "Roya" is more chilled out and leaning in the folk rock direction. Romano's new record "Modern Pressure" will be out May 19th and he will be performing in Toronto on April 22nd at the Longboat Hall (Great Hall). - Kris Gies


Country traditionalist Daniel Romano has been goin non stop over the past year or so. Last year he released "If I've Only One Time Askin" which built off his previous country releases but found a more unique and original sound. Last week he released his latest album "Mosey" which brings his music into a whole new realm of originality and creativity. It could be borderline genius. Romano keeps his country roots but embarks in a new sonic direction. Some tracks such as the opener "Valerie Leon" use horns to bring spanish vibes to the forefront. There's also a lot more keys on this album which at some points sounds like it could be used as a movie score from a 70s action movie. What I like most about this record is what drew me into Romano's music to begin with....the stories....the sad ones in particular. My personal picks would be "I'm Alone Now" and "(Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone". If you actually like new and original music then you gotta listen to "Mosey" by Daniel Romano. - Kris Gies

Daniel Romano brings his moody country to Mod Club tomorrow (11.11)

Did you happen to watch the Country Music Awards the other night? I will admit I flipped to it for a second... and I'm a bit confused because there wasn't any country music, not sure what you call that stuff. However there's an Ontario fella making his rounds these days that makes REAL country music. His name is Daniel Romano and he hails from Welland, Ontario. He used to play punk rock but now has settled on making old time western tunes. He has a number of releases including 2011's "Sleep Beneath the Willow," which has a very soothing folk feel to it. 2013's "Come Cry With Me" sounds like your grandparents' country music and before you turn your nose up just have a listen and enjoy the wonderful melodies - they might make you cry though. This year he released his latest album "If I've Only One Time Asking" and with this album he really comes into his own making the same old time country with a more original feel to it. Many of the songs seamlessly blend into the following track which makes for a very pleasureable listen. The best example of this is tracks 2 and 3 "Old Fires Die" and "Strange Faces". Both great tunes, definite highlights of the album. Daniel spends a lot of time touring through the USA but we're lucky enough to have him right here in Toronto tomorrow night at the Mod Club. Take it from a rocker... this is bad ass music. Enjoy. - Kris  Gies

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