Heat Thunder

New Track: "Wind Whips The Veil" - Heat Thunder

Found on Phoenix, the new EP from Heat Thunder, “Wind Whips The Veil,” immediately takes hold as Joe Montone delivers unencumbered, chilling vocals. Co-produced by Brian Dale Allen Strouse (The Lawsuits), the song steps out from the acoustic-guitar, folk-oriented backdrop, implementing cello, violin and drums, actualizing a dramatic depth. Those earnest outpourings hold one in suspense, stirring up emotions while making a personal plea. (Photo by Wendy McCardle)

Seesins' Reepins' Residency Kicks Off at Ortlieb's Feb. 4

A pair of talented songwriters/guitarists in bands originally hailing from Bucks County team up to host a month-long Wednesday residency starting this evening at the revamped Ortlieb’s. While both Joe Montone (of Heat Thunder) and Brian Dale Allen Strouse (of The Lawsuits) each exhibit a strong foundation based around crafting songs inspired by folk styles, each is open to grabbing from a large uninhibited toolbox. This freedom and flexibility offers a wide range of possibilities. Each week will also feature a special guest and a clean slate of tunes. Tonight, soulful crooning Ron Gallo (formerly of Toy Soldiers) throws his hat into the ring. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. Third St., 8pm, $3, 21+ - Michael Colavita

No Longer a Solo World for Heat Thunder at WCL May 13

We were first introduced to Joe Montone, a.k.a. Heat Thunder, through his debut EP Melody, Love & Soul, a medley of tracks that eventually inspired a collaboration with New York-based filmmaker Evan Cohen. The short film captures the spacious sounds of the record, which was heavily-influenced by the wooded landscapes of Montone's hometown, Doylestown, a place that The Deli is quite familiar with, having birthed favorites like Aderbat, Night Panther and many others. Since then, the project has grown into a full band that consists of William Chamuris (Commonwealth Choir) on drums, Luming Hao (Our Griffins) on guitar and vocals, and bassist Matthew Philips, who also produced Heat Thunder's single, "Solo World" (below), their first recording effort as a group. They'll be headlining the upstairs room at World Cafe Live this evening supported by pals Delco Pacers and The Naked Sun. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St., 9pm, $8, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman

New Video: "Melody, Love & Soul" - Heat Thunder

Below is an enchanting new video titled "Melody, Love & Soul" for the EP of the same name. The short film is a collaborative effort from New York-based filmmaker Evan Cohen and Doylestown's Heat Thunder (a.k.a. Joe Montone). It served as Cohen's thesis film, and is intended "to express the inner workings of soul and heart." The video premiered the other day via YVYNYL. Enjoy!

Melody, Love & Soul from Evan Cohen

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