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BLAJK Host Dance Party, Drop Dreamy Single

 Drawing from indie electronic and dance-pop music, BLAJK are creating a mellow backdrop to the night of your life. Layers of vocals, light guitars, synths, clicks and pops all creating a bouncing, but laidback groove to really pound the dance floor. New single French Class seems to draw from popular electronic acts like The XX and USS, finding a happy mix between trance-like romantic production and emotional vocal and melody. BLAJK are having a night out at the Drake Hotel on December 18th, with Zords and Mune, so bring your favorite person and your dancing shoes!

Cody W

Jude Shuma

Jude Shuma released his latest EP, Insomnium, this week via Tiny Meow Records. Below is the EP's lead single "Might As Well". The EP also features remastered versions of "Wandering" and "Subterranean Feelings". Shuma is planning a full-length release for 2016.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dustin Ransom Puts Soul Pop Spin on Holiday Favorite

  Eggnog, gift-giving, a much-needed break from work and/or school: The holidays are awesome. And since Thanksgiving has finally passed, we can all unashamedly begin the 24-day pre-game leading up to the big day, complete with a carefully-procured festive playlist. And trust us, we like the classic Christmas tunes as much as the next blog, but listening to local artists put his/her own spin on a holiday favorite, that's worth toasting to.

Nashville-based soul pop artist Dustin Ransom has gifted us with his sexy, modern version of "Merry Christmas Baby," and we're dropping it right in your stocking. With Ransom's layered R&B-inspired vocals atop a smooth, smokey throwback groove, the track is perfect for a classy holiday party or a night cuddled up by the fire.

"I just thought it would be fun to take this song. which is normally performed in a more blues-oriented fashion, and make it into a lo-fi funk thing a la D'Angelo or There's A Riot Goin' On-era Sly & The Family Stone. I played all the instrumentation on the track, sang all the vocals and mixed it as well. I honestly would love to do a whole Christmas record in a similar fashion, but that will have to wait for another time...!" says Ransom. Guess we'll just have to put that on our list for next year.

To hear more of Ransom's sophisticated soul, check out his EP Thread on Fire on Noisetrade. For every 200 EP downloads, he'll be releasing one new acoustic track. And once he hits 2500, he'll release another EP and start bringing his music to the stage. -Caroline Bowman


Northhampton's And The Kids plays SPACE Gallery Thursday (12/10)

This past February, Northampton, Massachussetts avant-pop trio And The Kids did nothing less than impressively filter daily angst through dancey pop. Listening to such songs as the drum-hopped opener "Pangea" and the celestial fourth one, "Glory Glory" (streaming below), one may smile at these deft musicians' ability to meld the panic of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the calm of Beach House with compassionately direct lyrics. While it is, as frontwoman Hannah Mohan sings on the former, "alright to tell a lie," And The Kids is boldly committed to telling the truth about all-too-real pain. And The Kids has several shows coming up, including one at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME on Thursday 12/10. - Zach Weg

Jimmy Whispers "Keeping Me High"

Jimmy Whispers released a new video today for his track "Keeping Me High". The track comes from his 2015 release, Summer In Pain (Moniker/Field Mates).

Whispers is preparing for an European Tour beginning next month in the Netherlands.

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