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Stars Algonquin Glide Along With "One Million Stars EP"

 Fresh in the Toronto scene, Stars Algonquin play an easy goin' kinda rock n' roll. They just released their debut EP "One Million Stars" late November. The track "Everything is Blue" has a laid back 70's feel to it; the harmonies could be straight from the 70's for all I know. It's almost ELO meets Boston. These guys must have afros. Along with the classic vocals, the tune features some groovy bass lines in the verse and spacy guitar licks in the chorus. Cool tune. The next track "July 13" has a slow intro that turns into a straight up pop rocker that picks the pace up a bit. Sounds like it could have landed on Tom Petty's Wildflowers record, and I hear some Sloan influence in the chorus too. It's a nice, catchy, jangly track. This band is brand new, so check their facebook page for upcoming shows and other news.

Kris G

Bask in Sunbathe's video release

The ethereal voice of Sunbathe (and Genders, respectively) can only be attributed to one Maggie Morris. With her devine murmurs in tow, she'll be debuting and releasing a new, surprise music video. She'll be sharing the premiere fame with the golden girls of Golden Hour and the ever popular Is/Is this Saturday, December 5th, at Valentines. It's not entirely clear which video she'll be premiering, but it's sure to be a delight, especially combined with those additonal performances. Tickets are only $5 at the door. WORTH IT.


-Cervante Pope

Deanna Devore "I Tried"

Deanna Devore has released a Justin Casselle directed video for her song "I Tried". Devore is currently working on her new LP which is due out this Spring.

"Black Friday" Is Ghormeh Sabzi Fucking Your Idea of Holiday Music In the Skull

Posting holiday-themed music really isn't something we expect to do often here at The Deli, but we'll be fucked if we're not about to put up the second seasonal track in a week. This time we've got a weird-ass indie rock track about that very most truly American of holidays, Ghormeh Sabzi's new single "Black Friday." The irreverent, hard track is a big mixed-up sound collage that's got everything from big pounding guitars to snarling, to vocals a bit like a more-punk more-angry Billy Corgan, to a dystopic newscaster-style sample about the fucked up day in question to (what ends up being the weirdest element) a fierce-playing gypsy element to the song complete with violins and tinny acoustic string instruments. Hell, if I was trying to pick out any element that really sounded like any other group, I'd say the vocal delivery and complexity are somewhat reminiscent of Destroyer, but that really won't tell you what this group or this strange, good track is like.

Ghormeh Sabzi is that off on its own path with this one, dicking around in the Woods of Musical Weirdness having a goddamn good time getting fucked up with its weird self. There's a bridge in the middle that does little more than nod at the concept of being a traditional, pretty pop bridge and is instead just more weird fun, and that musical shaking of the dick at rules is a good encapsulation of what this most un-corny of holiday songs is about. For those who think holiday music is only ever hateful schtick, "Black Friday" is a track that might just shake up that stereotype for you nice and hard. Get on it here below.


Layna released a new track this week. The downtempo, dreamy production on "Once" is both peaceful and slightly sad as Layna adds haunting vocals.

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