"Haunts" EP from Copperfox does just that

Copperfox has its roots out West. Founding members Rory Mohon and Lisa Garcia packed up their instruments and moved to Nashville from Portland, OR, which is about as far west as you can go without getting saltwater in your hightops. And while they've certainly picked up some Nashville cues since getting their current lineup functioning in early 2015, they've held on tight to some out-west surf vibes straight into their recent Haunts EP. Composed of two songs and a remix of each, Haunts pulls together an impressively diverse set of influences from electronica and synthpop to the aforementioned jangly, shimmery rock leanings. 

Check out Haunts below and follow the appropriate channels for updates from the band, including information about an upcoming tour. -Austin Phy

Saturday Night Sounds: Shadowlands - "Clean Life"

This little bit of a late night Saturday Night Sounds jam is the latest from dark wavers Shadowlands. They just premiered the video for "Clean Life" a couple days ago on Gritty Birds, and their record release show is happening at Kenton Club as I type this. The video compiles esoterically shot clips of infamous Portland spots, reflecting the city in a brooding light that's perfect for this gloomy, rainy night. 

If you happened to have missed their release show tonight, dim the lights and enjoy.

-Cervante Pope

Video Premiere: Masses "Going Under"

We are proud to premiere the Remii Huang directed video for the debut single, "Going Under", from Masses. Forming last year, Masses are Mike Jansen on vocals, guitarists Markham Jenkins and Edgar Quintanilla, Jonathan Walker on bass, and drummer Jon Lewchenko. Their debut single shows a tremendous amount of promise and polish that should have Masses primed for big things.

On the video, lead singer Mike Jansen had this to say; "I think Remii Huang did an amazing job with her vision capturing how opposites can coexist. There's violence and beauty in oil and water. Her ability to take our concept and really bring it to life made the entire process incredibly moving. The whole cast was amazing to work with. It’s not often that I find myself surrounded by such talented visual artists."

Save The Clocktower "Taboo"

Save The Clocktower has released the title track of their forthcoming EP, Taboo. The EP will be self-released and is dropping on April 8th.

New Track: "I Can't Live Without Your Love" (Skylar Spence's Planning a Remix Like It's Acid) - A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Skylar Spence (formerly known as Saint Pepsi) has remixed A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s “I Can’t Live Without Your Love”. Originally released as part of the double EP Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life is Loss, Spence shifts the song from a churning textured daydream, playing with vocal distance, while adding a funky ticking pulse. It'll thrust you onto the dance with its icy warmth that snaps into the groove.

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