Arterial Atlas

Arterial Atlas is somewhat new to Chicago and has been inspired by the new surroundings enough to make a compilation of spontaneous musical sounds called Tunes to Transit To. This is ambient guitar music perfect for filling any environment.

Live Review: Nightgown at The Hi Hat 2/11

It was our first night out to Highland Park's newest music venue The Hi Hat, but we weren't nervous. We were excited to see the spacious hall from floor to rafter, and the change of scenery was welcome.

Beyond the decor that whispered Bootleg in our ears, there was plenty of room to move, and plenty of room to sit and enjoy the coquetish charm of Family Hahas, whose reverb-bespoke guitars and Hofner thump rang out something familiar in the audience. But Nightgown's Laurel Noone, with her elastic expressions and fulltone swagger, gave the half-converted pool hall a fuzzy bear hug, blasting a Marcy Playground cover while residents sipped on disco lemonade. Her performance was topped, only marginally, by the joie de vivre of experimental pop sextet Easy, whose setup gave the sound technician a run for his money. We'd be lying if we said the cookies they passed around didn't affect our judgment. Regardless, we wrote our number on the napkin and passed it on to the bartender. Check our Instagram for photos from the night @TheDeliLA! - Ryan Mo, photos by Michelle McCausland

Deli Nashville Premiere: The Henry Millers unveil "It's Cold"

The folks over at The Henry Millers are hard at work on a new EP, and they were kind enough to let us at the Deli Nashville give you the first taste! "It's Cold," the first single from the forthcoming release, is a sentimental little number that sounds something like How the Grinch Stole Christmas by way of MGMT. The center-stage metallic drums and wily synth bloops give the track an industrial grit amid the cheery overtones, somewhat like a shuttered factory transformed by a snowy day into a playground wonderland. The song is plenty upbeat and catchy while having, as the title might suggest, an edge that's chilly to the touch. 

It's cold outside, no doubt, so why not stay indoors and stream the newest from The Henry Millers instead? -Austin Phy

Troller Makes Our Day with Album Release Dates, Devastating New Music Video "Not Here"

OH, what a very most lovely and doomiest of days! Not only has Deli-beloved act Troller just announced that we're but months away from the release of their second full album, they've also deigned to bestow upon us ravenous Troller fans a new, dark, weird single from that album in the form of one hell of a music video for song “Not Here.”

It's damn good too, pairing a Lynchian setting and visual style with a gripping performance from drag queen Louisiana Purchase, whose piercing, manic eyes and understated, elegant and sometimes terrifying dance grasps your gaze and won't let go. The track, too, is of the highest Troller quality (which to us is a way to say it's killer as fuck), doing their gorgeous drones and dark cathedral melodies and industrial drum machines thing to perfection on this devastating, heavy track.

Both track and video are exquisite treatment and representation of pain, something we typically get fed to us in music through highly pop (Taylor Swift) or deeply self indulgent and stereotypical (Adele) ways, but here get from a thoroughly non-mainstream (even in 2016) and queer-positive perspective. It's done with beauty, finesse and a fine, sharp edge, and it bodes seriously fucking well for the upcoming album.

Watch and listen below, and look for Troller's Graphic LP on April 8 through Holodeck Records.

ELEL releases video for "Kiss Kiss"

The wait for ELEL debut album Geode has been a long one. In the couple years since the dissolution of Heypenny, the previous project helmed by ELEL mastermind Ben Elkins, we haven’t seen much beyond a couple singles and the odd show here and there. But what we have seen is good. And it got well-deserved hype. It’s clear that his time spent making catchy but complex, sweet but not saccharine booty-shakers with Heypenny not only sharpened up his songwriting skills, but also taught him discipline. The quality and excitement behind ELEL’s drip-fed music, matched by the goodwill Elkins built up with Heypenny, is what makes their strategy of taking big but slow steps impressive rather than frustrating.

Such is the case with the release of their “Kiss Kiss” video. Sure, it’s an incredibly well-shot video with a catchy tune to match. But for Elkins, that’s old news. These guys go the extra mile by not only lining up the video release with the mushiest holiday of them all, but offering up a download of the track (plus remix!) in the form of free-to-print Valentine’s Day cards. Get all warm and fuzzy with the video below and keep your eyes out for more from ELEL—though if these guys keep it up, you shouldn’t have to search too hard. -Austin Phy

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