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Death By Piano
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Nublu 151

The Ah's "Mere Husk" is verdant electronica (album listening party 2.1)

A pleasant springlike sound permeates Jeremy Gustin’s electronica offerings on Mere Husk, the latest LP he’s recorded under The Ah moniker. Perhaps its the tactile percussive elements on tracks like “The Factory Girl” and “Watermelon Tears” that feel like a more grounded Animal Collective b-side, or the pleasant twang accompanying keys on “Just Relief” that resonate as charming and homegrown, the type of soundtrack for a weekend bike ride around Greenpoint or a walk in Prospect Park. Regardless of which specific instrumental accents endow the record with its bouncing, verdant energy, the summation of Gustin’s varied synthetic process makes for a colorful release, one that showcases a keen ear for abstraction, creative melodies, and off-kilter sounds. Give it a listen below before the rest of the album drops this Friday (on NNA Tapes), or attend the album listening party at Step Bone Cut on February 1st.

Implex Grace

Michael Perry Goodman (aka Implex Grace) has released a new album called Shadows & Wraths. This is ambient drone music that, over two 23 minute tracks, creates a world that fits the title perfectly.

Ahero "Spirit"

Ahero (aka Sam Bik) has released a new single called "Spirit". This is the latest single and title track to his forthcoming sophomore album which is due out on his label Faceway Records.

As Ahero, Bik explores synth heavy electronic sounds to create relaxing but dancable music.

Yolanda releases “Sick Pike” with animated video

If you’re feeling stressed out--or feeling anything at all--I suggest plugging into one of Yolanda’s newest jams, “Sick Pike.” The song is dreamy drift into trippy town and the accompany video matches that vibe to a t-shirt. The animated short features a flower-eyed dino-creature mounting a horse and galloping into a forest. Illustrator and guitarist for the group (as well as Bells Atlas, Perhapsy) has really expanded as an illustrator into some fun and elaborate territory and we’re all for it. The single was recorded mostly at home and mixed mostly at Tiny Telephone. We missed their release show but stay tuned more more more and tune into this lovely dreamy find. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

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