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Rich Jones "Coffee"

Rich Jones has teamed up with David Ashley to release a new single called "Coffee". This is the third single from Jones since the release of is 2018 album The Shoulder You Lean On.

Pseudo Slang x Pawcut "Wanderverse" C-Sides

Back in October we shared the lead single and title track of the forthcoming album, Wanderverse, from the emcee Pseudo Slang and the producer Pawcut. The album is due out May 1st, but this month they have release two "C-Sides" from the project and the latest is called "WhatWeerDealinWit".

The first "C-Side", "Finesseful", dropped back in March and was accompanied by the visuals below.

The Hashassins deliver dreamy hip-hop in new EP "moments"

Westfield, Massachusetts’ The Hashassins are hot, well-season, and served up to you in abundance: the hip-hop duo’s new EP moments is a satisfying track-for-track delight. The songs are focused on the essentials, fleshed out lyrically, and allowing for their laid-back beats to infect with intent. Take “yayha,” the EP’s opening track, as an example of the back and forth dribble that William Wallace and Sincere create, delivering eventually a flow that is relaxed but serious, and a sense of vibrant production throughout. The synths that swell and gravitate in “fade away” create an ambiance, soft and delicate, that once again allows the verses to pierce right through it. The Hashassins spill reflections in “something to feel” and let their layered hooks, sung in a thick reverb haze, capture your imagination. The new album is a short but delightful trance, a treat for the avid listener; stream the upbeat, 2003-flavored “thru this all” below. - Rene Cobar 

Joshua Virtue "Jackie's House"

Joshua Virtue (of Free Snacks) has released his sophomore album, Jackie's House. The album was written with the first two weeks of the shelter-in-place order and Virtue's effort to help support his mother, Jacqueline (Jackie), his sister, and his grandmother. Growing up Jackie's house was the hub of his community and this album will hopefully be a way for him to give back to woman that raised him.

Musically, the album is top notch LoFi hip hop with fantastic, laid back, beats and an appearance from Rahim Salaam and Ruby Watson.

Billy Ghost "Street Judas"

LoFi Hip Hop producer Billy Ghost has been releasing a new song a month for over a year now and has now amassed a collection of chilled, downtempo beats that are both relaxing and enjoyable and somewhat mysterious.

His latest single is called "Street Judas", and it is filled with a calming beat, beautiful synths, and samples of known and unknown origins.

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