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Dav Paris "Somedays (I Got Issues)"

Dav Paris recently released his second single of 2020, the Hip Hop influenced "Somedays (I Got Issues)". The song is accompanied by the Michael Kettenbeil directed video below.

Back in February Paris dropped an introductory track called "Hello World" and made it clear that he is approaching music in a new way this year. Both tracks follow-up his 2018 debut EP "Lost" and demonstrate a more introspective approach to songwriting.

Netherfriends "Stay Safe"

Netherfriends (aka Shawn Rosenblatt) has released a pandemic-theme new album called Stay Safe. Shawn really found his footing in the Chicago music scene years ago before leaving for Austin and eventually setting up camp in LA. He is currently based in Florida after having to cancel the majority of his 2020 Fifty States Tour. To coincide with the tour he had launched a road diary podcast called "Tessie Talks" with Kannabis Kat that you can find on all podcast platforms and on Youtube. It will be interesting to hear how the podcast evolves now that the tour has been cancelled.

On this new album, Stay Safe, he has enlisted rappers from around the country, including Chicago's Iowa Rockwell, to share insight and humor about the times we find ourselves in.

The BLK Cinema

The BLK Cinema dropped their self-titled debut album on April 1st. This is the experimental Hip Hop of Kelvy and Lenny Virgo. The album's lead single is called "Thoughts" and find Kelvy going all in on some heavy topic while maintaining a laid back flow that is sure to hypnotize the listener.

NNAMDÏ "Gimmie Gimmie"

The latest album, Brat, from NNAMDÏ will be released via Sooper Records on April 3rd. This is the follow-up to his groundbreaking 2017 debut Drool.

The latest single from the album is called "Gimmie Gimmie" and it is a warped R&B classic. He also recently released the album's lead single, "Wasted", which is accompanied by the video directed by Sen Morimoto, Jess Myers, and Husni Ashiku below.

The record release event that was scheduled for April 18th at Lincoln Hall has officially been cancelled and there is no word yet of a virtual release event.

The Palmer Squares "With or Without It"

The Palmer Square's have released the latest single, "Bottom Line", from their forthcoming album, With or Without It, which is due out March 10th. In addition to the talented Chrissy Renick on this single, the album includes features from Jarv, Joey Cool, and Black Buddha Bear.

Back in January they released the album's second single, "Lucky Quarter", which was accompanied by the Paul Araki Elliot directed video below.

You can catch The Palmer Square's on March 26 as part of Bourbon on Division.

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