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Monogamy "Departure"

Monogamy recently released a split album with Ann Arbor’s SCLT via the local label Reserve Matinee.

This is the post-punk of Don Lyons, Sam Johnson and Toni "Tone Bone” Wang.

The band’s final track on the album is called “Departure” and is accompanied by the video below.

You can catch Monogamy at Nha Trang (1104 W Argyle St) on December 20th with Noxroy, DJ Bando, Chelsea Bridge, Forest Management, Faithful (DJ).

Weighted "A Better Place"

Weighted released their debut EP last month called “A Better Place”. Below is the video for the EP’s opening track, “Records”.

You can catch Weighted at Cobra Lounge on January 11th with Antighost, Stillwell, Pelafina, and Sugarpill.

PREMIERE: Bask in mutually-shared exhaustion on Noah Chenfeld’s “I Love Being Tired”

Part of living in New York is an unfortunately normalized culture of exhaustion, both physical and emotional. Few cities can boast a guide of the Best/Worst places to Cry in Public; such cultural phenomena are likely a product of rising rents, a drive by management for greater productivity over the course of the 40 (or 50, or 60) hour work week, and failing infrastructure (just a guess). And despite the bullshit, we’re all still here, a sentiment at the core of Noah Chenfeld’s new single “I Love Being Tired.” Lamenting the necessity to save money, the crowded nature of the subway, and the absolutely brutal winters, Chenfeld finds resolve on the song’s chorus, aptly crooning “I love being tired” over vintage, Zombies-esque keys sand syncopated Fender chords. Chenfeld’s lyrics are both a passive acceptance of the hurried lifestyle inherent to city living and a tongue-in-cheek critique of the rat race we’re all active participants in; listen to it this weekend when someone at a party asks you “how are you doing” and you politely abstain from telling them how you really feel, and catch Noah Chenfeld at Pianos on December 6th. —Connor Beckett McInerney

Love You Later's “Said That You’d Be There” is lavish, invigorating synth-pop

Lexi Aviles, the soulful leader behind Love You Later, recently dropped her latest single, “Said That You’d Be There.” Filling the room with brooding dream pop, Aviles reflects over what it’s like to trust people who simply cant be trusted over a lavish electronic vibe. Her intoxicating approach appeals to a wide audience of listeners, gathering those from all spectrums of music genres including house, 80’s and 90’s pop, disco, and new wave. The relatability of her lyrics makes me feel less alone during that anxiety filled hour right before a first date: “I spent longer on my hair, cause you said that you’d be there.” An EP is set to be released in February in 2020. - Kayla Hay

Kill Scenes "Silent Knife"

Dark Dream Pop group Kill Scenes have released the first single, “Silent Knife”, from their forthcoming album Masque.

This is the work of Sean Whittaker, Margo Elena, Andrew Hertzberg, and Jon Podulka.

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