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Sy Somebody Full Album Sneak Peak

We are proud to be able to give you a sneak peak at the full album from Sy Somebody, “Life is cruel, let’s be friends…” one day before it’s official release on January 31st.

The album is primarily the work of Casey Meeghan, but it finds he collaborating with the likes of David Vandervelde & Frank Lenz (Father John Misty) to Maceo Vidal-Haymes (The O’My’s, Chance The Rapper).

Meeghan had this to say of the project, " On this album, I wanted to capture the feeling of when an acid trip turns from euphoria to paranoid freak-out”.

You can catch Sy Somebody at the Hideout on February 22nd.

PREMIERE: Tim Barr looks outward (and inward) on "Sign of the Good Times"

It’s hard not to feel lonely when listening to Sign of the Good Times, the latest full-length by New York-based songwriter Tim Barr. Even as the backing instrumentation swells to fill the room with his somber blend of indie and folk, Barr’s iconic vocal performance is hushed and reclusive, a product of both his process (the record was self-produced on tape in the artist’s apartment) and of his philosophy in writing the record, which serves as an exercise in “accepting and appreciating the totality of human experience as it is.” It’s this approach that makes Good Times an evenhanded resonant record, with Barr willing to dwell on differing memories — snapshots of playing baseball and kissing in the rain (“I Become Everything”) are presented in tandem with recollections of lost love (“Wolves”). The end result is a deeply human release, a mixed bag of feelings and emotions, presented by an isolated narrator looking outwards, trying to make sense of it all the best that he can; listen to it below when you’re trying to do the same. —Connor Beckett McInerney

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Melkbelly “LCR”

Melkbelly has shared visual for the first single, “LCR”, from their forthcoming album, Pith, which is due out on April 3rd via Wax Nine/Carpark.

This is the DIY rock of Miranda Winters (vocals, guitar), Bart Winters (guitar), Liam Winters (bass), and James Wetzel (drums)

You can help Melkbelly celebrate the release of Pith on April 4th at Sleeping Village.

The Ehems bask in fuzz on "Eh Eh Hem," play Berlin 2.6

New York trio the Ehems carefully thread the needle between indie and garage on “Eh Eh Hem,” gleefully demonstrating their love of fuzz and Kodak film in the track’s visual component. Beginning on a gainful riff and concluding with a vague, repeating mantra that continues throughout the song’s two and a half minute runtime, the three person outfit drive and groove, leaving room for muted, overdriven instrumental segues. No bells and whistles to be found, their focus on creating energetic rock highlights the band’s desire to embody the city’s history of fervent, guitar-centric music, as evidenced by their recently released VHS live-show compilation. Give it a spin below, and head out to Berlin on February 6th for their first show of the new decade.

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