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Glamour Assassins let the good times roll in "Everything Dissolves"

The five artists that form the Connecticut collective known as Glamour Assassins have released a new EP we urge you listen to. The new wave-glazed Everything Dissolves contains in it tracks like “Yellow Dogs” showcasing fist-pumping choruses that are quite sticky, and funky guitar riffs to spare. The title-track is pensive, with a stout bassline that provides a foundation for anthemic chants that would give The Killers a run for their money. In “2nd Amendment Blues,” the group lets loose, with a dance track that is powered by a drumbeat as speedy as it is majestic. The quintet lets the colorful synth embellishments take over in “Darkness Lights The Way,” and by then, the sonic canvas the group was filling is a glorious portrait of themselves. Stream the fantastically fun track “2nd Amendment Blues” below and let go of worries. - Rene Cobar

PREMIERE: Noah Chenfeld scowls and jams on "Late"

Noah Chenfeld further cements his status as New York’s brutally honest troubadour with new offering “Late.” Expanding beyond the upbeat cynicism of last year’s “I Love Being Tired,” his latest track is a dark lamentation on the eggs broken to make an omelette; brooding organ riffs accent Chenfeld’s crooned aphorisms, bitter statements on unsavory choices and necessary evils. Amidst these dejected declaratives is Chenfeld’s brand of vintage-inspired indie — driving guitars and gain-heavy vox embed “Late” with a classic sound, further driving home the timeless nature of the song’s themes, the adversity inherent to modern living. Drink it in with our premiere below.

Deeper "This Heat"

Deeper has released the first single, "This Heat", from their forthcoming sophomore album, Auto-Pain, which is due out on March 27th via Fire Talk.

This is the work of Shiraz Bhatti, Nic Gohl, and Drew McBride.

You can catch Deeper at Lincoln Hall on April 4th celebrating the release of their album.

Ester "Lock Me Up"

Ester has released the first single, "Lock Me Up" from their forthcoming album, Turn Around, which is due out March 27th via Midwest Action.

This is primarily the work of Anna Holmquist of The Curls, but when accompanied by a full band they are joined by Katelyn Cohen, Tim Newsum, Will Kyriazis, Chris Colson, and Raul Cotaquispe.

You can catch Ester on February 4th at Crown Liquors, February 29th at The Burlington, and at Schubas on March 15th.

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