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Blame Baby releases sophomore indie single "The Floor"

Blame Baby have captured the essence of early 2000s emo, injected it into pop punk circa 2020, and released a catchy little offspring called "The Floor". This follow-up single to their debut "Headcase" further showcases the band's ability to craft steady indie pop songs around serious subject matter. Guitarist and lead singer Jesse Johnson attacks privilege and greed from the viewpoint of someone who can see the misery inherent in incessant wanting, while bandmates Omar D. Brancato and Matt Tucci back him up on the rhythm and bass. The band's first single of 2020 sets the stage for more to come this year; take a look at the lyric video for "The Floor" below. - Will Sisskind

Glass Lux "Radio Silence"

Glass Lux has returned with Radio Silence, their first album since 2014’s Eat Flesh. This is Synth heavy Electro-Pop of Alfonso Mayen, Emily Morse, and Leo Saucedo.

The album was two years in the making and manages to blend fun, New Wave, danceable pop with deeply personal and raw lyrics.

Photo by: Shami Choudhry

S.C.A.B.’s “Beauty and Balance” finds a happy post-punk medium, plays Jones Beach Cafe 3.6

Brooklyn post-punk quartet S.C.A.B. firmly establish their laid-back jangle-friendly sound on debut Beauty & Balance. Interweaving, bright guitar arpeggios, rife with treble, create a harmonious backdrop for vocalist and songwriter Sean Camargo’s freeform vocal performance, one that modulates between aggressive sing speak (“Negroni Week”) and sliding slack-jawed melodies (“Beauty”). The synthesis of these two elements keeps the record fresh throughout its eight tracks, an engaging blend of lo-fi, instrumentally-driven pop and new-wave inspired vox. Give it a listen below, and catch the band at Jones Beach Cafe & Bar on March 6th, supporting Plight.

LFT2WRT "02"

Andrew Slutsky (aka LFT2WRT) formerly of Good Luck Jane has spent the last eight years creating a concept project that fit together like a puzzle similar to a rubies cube. The project contains 54 songs, and he released the first three tracks, "1", "00", and “02”, earlier this month.

Below is the video for “02” and here is the story behind the song in Andrew’s own words.

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