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Caught live: Kennan Moving Company

Led by singer songwriter Oliver Kennan, Kennan Moving Company is a NYC based quartet that plays loungy pop-rock with vintage overtones - we caught them live this past Sunday at a "Feel The Bern" event at Black Bear Bar. Their music is soulful and refined, with Kennan's crisp and youthful voice juxtaposed to jazzy arrangements, for a modern throwback sound. Released earlier in 2016, their debut EP "New Colors" features tracks like 'Easy Coast' that are relaxing but upbeat, and smooth opening single 'Charades' (streaming below) which conjures up images of romantic flicks and their sentimental narratives. - Amanda McCall

Mellow NJ shogazer trio Overlake plays Mercury on 04.24

Based in Jersey City, Overlake is the moderately shoegaze trio born from the songwriting chemestry of Tom Barrett (guitar, vocals) and Lysa Opfer (bass, backing vocals). We say "moderately" because the band's sound steers clear of the insanely effected guitar tones that characterize some of the classic of the genre (see My Blood Valentine, who still influenced the band in the melodic department). The mellower sound, which seems to blend in a good amount of clean guitars, suits Barret's whispered tenor and Opfer ethereal harmonies, resulting in a mix of shoegazer and dream pop. The band released two albums since 2012 and single 'Travelogue' (streaming below) in October 2015. You can see them live at The Mercury Lounge on April 23rd.

Rest in Purple, Prince Rogers Nelson

Facing the actual reality that one of the most influential beings to ever walk this planet has now since left it, is a big pill to swallow. I, just like the rest of you, woke up to a series of posts all around the internet proclaiming the death of the Purple One himself, Prince. It just can't be true and there is a great deal of us (myself included) who will continue to not accept this as reality.

But it seems that as it's presently known, Prince passed away earlier this morning, found in his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. It is reported that Prince had been dealing with complications from the flu, which is believed to have been the cause of his really f**king untimely passing.

Prince was numerically aged at 57, but essentially immortally timeless. Trying to adjust to a world without Bowie and Lemmy was hard enough, but Prince...that's where we've got to drawn the line. 

Rest in Purple, Prince. 

the Gritty Birds Podcast is back with a new X-Ray show

The lovely Ms. Jeni Wren Stottrup is bringing her top rated music and industry podcast (a "Top 5 Music Podcast" by the Willamette Week) back for all our ears to enjoy once again. Starting TODAY at 1pm, Stottrup brings the Gritty Birds Podcast to KXRY XRay FM with half hour spurts of intimate discussions involving those in the music scene, profiling newer bands and getting better acquainted with some of the older ones. 

Kicking off the revived podcast right, the first episode features former Portlanders YACHT, who aside from being one of the most enjoyed performances at last month's Treefort Music Festival, also have two sold out shows coming up at the Roseland Theater on April 25th and 26th with M83.

Speaking of Treefort, Gritty Birds will also launch a Treefort series, featuring artists who performed the fest like Burger Records' Sarah Bethe Nelson, our own beloved Radiation City and raw rockers Diarrhea Planet, among others. Film photos of the artists, shot by Ingrid Renan, will accompany the series.

Tune in today at 1pm, and follow the show every Thursday. Episodes will be available on iTunes the following Mondays.

Gritty Birds

Thursdays 1-1:30

107.1 fm /// 91.1 fm /// KXRY /// PORTLAND /// HOTLINE: 503-233-XRAY 

Free Download: "Speak" - LOUDS

After releasing their debut EP If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art, which became The Deli Philly's August 2015 Record of the Month, LOUDS spent the last year building out their studio in Port Richmond and refining their recording and production skills. Below is the group's first sampling, "Speak," which is avaialable for free download and will appear on their forthcoming full-length album CHARM UP!. You'll probably notice a shift from electro-pop to a more organic 60's/70's rock-tinged sound, a result of brothers Charlie & Petie Brooks working with a full band this time around. You can catch the gang live on Friday, April 29 at Boot & Saddle with The Dove & The Wolf and Myrrias.

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