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New Track: "We'd Never Agree" - P.S. Eliot & Announce New Reissue Compilation and Shows

Before most of the world heard of Waxahatchee or Swearin', Katie and Allison Crutchfield cut their teeth alongside Will Granger and Katherine Simonetti in pop-punk outfit P.S. Eliot. Well, the band just announced that it will be releasing a new 2xCD compilation, titled 2007 - 2011, on Septempber 2 via Don Giovanni Records, featuring recordings from their studio LPs Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (2009) and Sadie (2011) and the Living in Squalor EP (2010), as well as demos and home recordings. Take a listen to the single "We'd Never Agree" below. P.S. Eliot will also be reuniting for a run of shows, and Philly folks can catch the gang at PhilaMOCA on Monday, September 19. (BTW: Waxahatchee also recently announced that she'll be releasing a new reissue collection called Early Recordings on June 17 via Merge Records.)

Live Review: Secret Garden at Harvard & Stone 5/25

Last Thursday night saw voodoo surf thrashers Sunshine Mind, the proggy serotonin fueled semi-locals Deep Fields, and an angsty Matryoshka doll of chaos and boozy guitars called Secret Garden bring their own very different sounds and concoctions of influences out to Harvard and Stone. From opener Sunshine Mind's sprinkling of screamed vocals that irreverently tear apart any false assumptions of conventional SoCal surf band tropes to Secret Garden's swampy, somber quietness giving way—rather violently—to nervous, sinewy guitar improvisations. And that's to say nothing of Deep Field's brilliant ‘70s inspired Rhodes piano odyssey that set the whole of Harvard and Stone on fire three-quarters into their set. Sunshine Mind ripped through groovy and pummeling (yet still very surfy) tunes with gusto. Think Misfits if they traded in corpse paint for plaid and California "good vibrations". Singer Henry Lopez peppered in energetic screaming vocals to break up melodic "ooh-ahh" lines that never let you get too comfortable in your expectations. A menacing undertone permeates their more-aggressive-than-your-average surf pop songs, torn apart and reassembled with ‘60s voodoo menace.

Next up were the brilliant Deep Fields hailing from Orange County. Their lush songwriting and layered piano accompaniments is a shot of serotonin to the proverbial arm of Harvard and Stone. Kaleidoscopic, Rush-reminiscent arrangements and a genuinely fun energy pulses alongside ‘70s Rhodes piano lines that are at once elegant and yet bursting like rays of light shining down on grooving flower beds of vocal and guitar melody. If 12-string electric guitar and Rhodes piano don't make the most pleasant sounding musical combination, I don't know what does. Secret Garden finished out the night with a set of swampy, troubled, mercurial jams laced with a "fuck-it-all" ethos. Singer Dani Evans was full to bursting with gravitas as she commanded a strong stage presence both fearless and fierce, going from skate punk ferocity to genuinely somber moments of singer-songwriter affectation. Ultimately, they got cut off early (and not entirely without reason) but this band—and Evans especially—has some serious heart. - Andrew Mendoza


Debut CLOAKZ EP Available for Streaming & Download

CLOAKZ is a new project from Zachary Ciancaglini, who also drums for NYC-based Raccoon Fighter. It started from demos that he recorded on his phone in-between sessions at a studio in Brooklyn, which caught the attention of producer Alex Lipsen (Headgear Recording). Here is CLOAKZ's debut EP Semi-Autographic; he has also been working on putting together a backing band from Philly's deep pool of talented musicians so keep an eye out for Ciancaglini and friends to pop up on a bill at your favorite venue or get in touch if you play and like what you hear.


The Bandicoots are a talented young group comin' out of Hamilton. They started playing together in high school (which wasn't too long ago for them) and have carried their high school parties into the local bars and venues today. They have just released a new EP titled "Quarters At The Penny Arcade". This 4 track set is available on CD or iTunes. They made a video for the tune "Overnight Innovator" which has some serious Brit Rock influence goin' on. If you're into Kasabian or Arctic Monkeys then you'll dig this track and probably most of their tunes. The Bandicoots will be doing an EP Release Party this Friday June 3rd at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton. Jaunt and the White Crowleys are also on the bill. - Kris Gies



Country traditionalist Daniel Romano has been goin non stop over the past year or so. Last year he released "If I've Only One Time Askin" which built off his previous country releases but found a more unique and original sound. Last week he released his latest album "Mosey" which brings his music into a whole new realm of originality and creativity. It could be borderline genius. Romano keeps his country roots but embarks in a new sonic direction. Some tracks such as the opener "Valerie Leon" use horns to bring spanish vibes to the forefront. There's also a lot more keys on this album which at some points sounds like it could be used as a movie score from a 70s action movie. What I like most about this record is what drew me into Romano's music to begin with....the stories....the sad ones in particular. My personal picks would be "I'm Alone Now" and "(Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone". If you actually like new and original music then you gotta listen to "Mosey" by Daniel Romano. - Kris Gies

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