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American Pinup bring their crooning punk sound to Bowery Electric on 6.20

NY's American Pinup formed in 2010 out of Westchester County and combine elements from punk rock and power pop, blending catchy pop hooks and melodies with the spirit and energy of the punk ethos. The track “Living the Dream” off The Radio EP is a swift punk song characterized by its infectious drumming and West’s snotty vocals reminiscent of Gwen Stefani. “Start” highlights West’s contrasting vocal styles as she bounces back and forth between her smooth, crooning vocals and a raspy yell. The singer channels Brody Dalle of The Distillers with a little more bite to her vocals, while still remaining catchy enough to be good for radio play. American Pinup will be playing Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ on June 9th, and then The Bowery Electric on June 20th. Stream their track "Radio" below! - John Honan

Fusilier's avant-funk is ready to march into your summer playlists

Some artists aim to make music that make you think, whereas others seek to make you feel, or move. Recent Brassland signee Fusilier somehow manages to play music that does it all. His electronic-funk sound enters through the ears and spreads to the rest of the body like a virus - a virus that only dancing with abandon can cure. Simple drum grooves drive 'The Moment,' while his seductive R&B vocals and the track's shifting arrangements contribute in forging a very personal sound. Bringing it alltogether is Fusiler's rock pedigree, as his distorted guitar riffs and bass paterns add a pop to really make the music standout.  Fusilier's sound is fresh, no doubt, and we can hopefully expect an EP from the ex-RIBS member soon. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber - Photo by Chris Oquist

Higuera share their hidden gem “Always Have a Secret Plan”

Bringing back the raw alt-rock tunes from the early 2000’s, Higuera’s genuine passion for creating fresh sounds and heart-wrenching lyrics transpires in all 4 tracks of their EP “Always Have a Secret Plan.” The 5-piece band showcase a flair for writing honest and relatable lyrics, the kind we lay in bed listening to late at night because they simply pierce the heart like a double edged sword. Their most notable track, “Pieces”, starts and ends with a steady beat that evokes a feeling of anticipation, while vocalist and founder Valley Taylor melodically unravels the many stages of love and life. Natives to sunny Southern California, Higuera unveil memorable tracks that show their love for creating music for the sake of the art. - Yesenia Carvajal

Hovvdy's Album "Taster" Brings the Slacker Promise of Their EPs to Fruition

The laid-back indie rock band Hovvdy came out with their newest album Taster (Merdurhaus and Sports Days Records) on April 15, proving again with the new record just how easily slacker rock can toy with emotions.

This (now) four-piece band started out with just Will Taylor and Charlie Martin at first, both of whom were originally drummers, but in recent days they've added Sam Jacobson (bass), and Andrew Stevens (drums) and have expanded their sound heavily. With the emphasis on rhythm heard in tracks like “Note” and “Can’t Wait,” Hovvdy sets a tempo that allows the audience to really think about what the band is doing with that nostalgic vibe they are so great at. One unique aspect of this record is the fact that the band has recorded some of these tracks as iPhone voice memos first, which is also how “Problem” and “In My Head” happened from Hovvdy's initial EP. The compressed sound in the resulting product gives this album a raw and DIY feel that extends deep into the music, and this interesting recording method creates a mood that is fitting for the slacker act's intimate and personal lyrics.

If you need music to listen to when you're out on the road lettingyour hair get swept away by the wind, Taster is the perfect soundtrack for that moment, especially standouts “Meg” and “Try Hard”. The album gives you space to reflect on yourself, and it's hard to avoid the music taking you back through your memories, good and bad, which is the sign of a mature and well-made piece of art.

Listen below, and see if you feel the same way.


Chandana Kamaraj

Good Talk's Debut Album Should Be on Your Summer Playlist

Good Talk’s eponymous debut album at first comes across as straightforward, likable, and above all “summery," but a few more listens reveals unordinary layers. Indie-rock business-as-usual soon takes a turn into a languid cover of “Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. That’s right. The musical. Julie Andrews would be turning over in her grave if she weren’t still alive.

Easily drawing comparisons to the Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball, with a splash of Pinegrove, Good Talk never gets too jittery on this record, staying solidly upbeat without sacrificing the summery vibes promised in album opener “Heart Attack.” The sunniest track out of the bunch is (unsurprisingly) “Sunny Ray,” which features a noodly guitar lick that combines with vocals for a Sesame-Street style nonsense syllable sing-along.

Pretty much everyone has a favorite Summer playlist lurking in the depths of their Spotify (possibly called something like “Summer Jams ’16,” or "Summer!!!!” or “Margaritas!" if you're really cool) but believe us when we say Good Talk’s album is one that (really, honestly, truly) belongs on yours.


Katy Kirby
(Katy Kirby's own excellent music can be found here)

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