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Warik (aka Malik Lemon) has released a new collection of song with the impending summer months at heart.

Warik will be performing at Bern Fest: Round Two in June 10th with The Curls, Electric Sheep, Daymaker, and Sex No Babies.


Valaska is preparing to release their third LP, Inchoate. Below is the first single from the album, "Vessel".

You can help Valaska celebrate the release of the new album on July 8th at Wire in Berwyn with Elk Walking, Bad Bad Meow, and The Erratics.

New Video: Audiotree Live Session - Palm

NYC transplants, Palm’s Audiotree Live session, from May 6, 2016, is now available for streaming and/or purchase HERE. The quartet's soothing vocal/instrumental integrations are meshed with unexpected twists and turns. The band’s performance is polished; however, those shifts reveal an array of intriguing possibilities.

Spacin' Deliver the Goods at KFN June 7

Sticky guitar licks that ramp up crisscrossing into long distance jams. With spider-like dexterity, sonic limbs extend outward, reaching for a higher level. Spacin' exhibits a simplistic knack to sit back and deliver the goods in a pure raw state. The group spins out in multiple directions - whether the destination is within eyes view, requiring a direct route, or one whose path will be determined by the musical monuments along the way. Either way, those in need of a psych-rock adventure should head to Kung Fu Necktie this evening. Tonight's lineup is reinforced by State Champion, whose accessible yet precise lyrical narratives plug you into the middle of the action - a granular, country-injected, rockin' sound that sticks. The multifaceted psych-shoegazing textures of Elliott Malvas-led, Virginia Beach-based, You’re Jovian, complete this billing. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Michael Colavita

Humeysha plays the Knit on June 8th + talks about recording on Delicious Audio

I'm sure you know a musically clueless person who, when you mentioned the words "Indie Rock," thought you were referring to "Indian Rock"... well, if you were trying to introduce him/her to Brooklyn quartet Humeysha, you could have just said: "That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about!" - since they play Indie Rock with Indian influences! The band will be performing at The Knitting Factory on June 8th within the Boom Forest June residency Check out also the Q&A with Humeysha about recording on our sister blog Delicious Audio.

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