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Indie Rock

maeve & quinn "Jeweler's Row"

Alaska born and Chicago based twin sister duo maeve & quinn have released the first single, "Jeweler's Row", from their forthcoming debut full-length album, Another Door, which is due out on September 8th.

You can catch maeve & quinn at Lincoln Hall on June 10th with Ayla Nereo and Zondo.


Indie Rock

Band name: 
The Pretty Bitchin
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Arlene's Grocery
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Love Interest "Motherwound"

Local label Council Records is set to release the debut EP, "Motherwound", from Detroit's Love Interest tomorrow, June 2nd.

The EP's opening track and lead single is called "Kursk", and can be streamed below.

This is this the dark power pop of Alex Awn (Temple of Void, Hellmouth), Justin Malek (The Suicide Machines, Hellmouth), Jeff Uberti (Hellmouth), Eric Blanchard (Temple of Void, .NEMA), Johnny LZR (Human Eye, Spits) and Jex Blackmore (Sadist (US)).


Hannah Sandoz @ Downstairs (6.18.23)

Composer, visual artist, and engineer Hannah Sandoz released her debut album, Leaving the party early, back in March. This is lush, experimental folk pop.

You can catch Hannah at Downstairs at Subt on June 18th with American Poetry Club, Trust Fund, and Orisun.


Spring cleaning: DELI DELIVERS playlist March 2023

We're been doing a little Spring cleaning over the long holiday weekend here at DeliCorp HQ and you'll never guess what we found under a couch cushion...yeah you guessed it, we discovered this March 2023 DELI DELIVERS playlist which hasn't been posted in this space yet...so here it is for your listening pleasure no worse for wear (lint and melted gummy bears besides) and be sure to follow the DELI Instagram account and our LinkTree account to so you'll always be up to date re: the latest goings on and keep reading below for a reprint of the text from the relevant IG post, April and May playlists to follow very soon...


Mixes are all about two things—selection and flow—and while selection is obviously crucial to any mix it’s less so than in days past what w/it being so easy to skip tracks in digital formats or just to leave the selecting entirely up to “the algorithm” but there’s one skill AI hasn’t mastered yet and that’s flow…

 …which is why we’re assembled a crack team of musicologists—most having never even used crack before—to compile the latest ”DELI DELIVERS” playlist whose 90 tracks were all released in March (except for one or two!?! can you spot them?!?) as can be heard by clicking on the link above…

…and lemme tell ya this whole thing flows like Mount Vesuvius getting ready to devastate the citizenry of Pompeii—we’re talking an epic five-plus-hour journey—and if you go under “preferences” and SET A THREE SECOND CROSSFADE we promise a entire magnificent Garden Of Earthly Delights will open up before your ears…

…cuz just check out how “Waste” by Nashville weirdos Snōōper flows seamlessly into “Little Palm” by New York weirdos Parlor Walls and ditto for Kill The Pain’s "What Have You Been Doing?" when paired with Shallowhalo's "Renaissance Affair" and that’s all just in the first 10 tracks…

…plus there’s some nice “shock cuts” that purposefully disrupt the flow like when the street-preacher post-punk churn of Dead Tooth’s “Electric Earth” dissolves into the airy disco reverie of Say She She’s “Reeling” so go ahead and activate those crossfades folks…


…bur even if you don’t you’ll certainly detect some other meaningful patterns like the sequence of tracks starting with Mirrors’ “Parallax” that ends up sonding like a pre-arranged mini-suite of moody rock, extreme metal, and hard techno…

…so check it out, yo, otherwise all those musicologists we hired are going right back on to unemployment (Jason Lee)...




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