Theo Kandel releases heartfelt single "Jumping Ship"

Claiming to have been “writing music that makes all the moms cry since ’96,” singer/songwriter Theo Kandel writes straight from the heart. In his single, “Jumping Ship” he has a strong command of voice, knowing when to belt and when to soften up a bit to create a truly genuine song.  Inspired by the likes of The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, and Bob Dylan, his poetic lyrics are seamlessly accompanied by the soft strumming of a guitar.  Having recently played a show at Rockwood Music Hall, Theo Kandel is working on new music aimed at make you think, and possibly, cry. - Madeleine Grossman 

Goodman premieres single 'Strangehold,' plays Sunnyvale on 10.17

With that good... boy look that's front and center in all of his press pictures, (Michael) Goodman builds the right expectation for the track we are premiering here, included in his upcoming album "The Vicissitudes," out on Invertebrate Records in February. The young Brooklyn based songwriter can certainly get things rocking if he wants to, but 'Strangehold' is a classic sounding pop ballad that requires crooning and a more subtle delivery, since it will, in all likelihood, throw you back in the arms of your teenage crush, on that very special night when he or she ended up slow-dancing with you, and triggering what Goodman refers to in the song as a "strangehold," his word for a love spell. Straddling the line between John Lennon's more mellow post-Beatles moments, and Blur's early ballads, this is as Brit pop as it gets, at least here in the Big Apple. Goodman has a remarkably large repertoire on his Soundcloud profile, and will be performing at Sunnyvale on 10.17.

New Track: "Angeles" (Elliott Smith Cover) - Waxahatchee

American Laundromat just released a new compilation album, Say Yes!: A Tribute to Elliott Smith. It features contributions from indie favorites like Julien Baker, J Mascis and Lou Barlow just to name a few. Below is West Philly's Waxahatchee, a.k.a. Katie Crutchfield, with her own electrified rendition of "Angeles," off 1997's Either/Or. (Photo by Scott Murry)

Playlist: The Deli Philly's Anniversary Takeover of Y-Not Radio

Thank you, all, who tuned in yesterday to Y-Not Radio for The Deli Philly's takeover, and extra special thanks to Josh T. Landow for the invitation and support over the years! Below is the playlist that I shared, and if you haven't taken a listen to it yet, please feel free to do so now and enjoy. As always, I hope that you discover your new favorite artist and latest obsession. You deserve it. TREAT YO SELF! - Q.D. Tran

The Retinas – “Accident”

Abi Reimold – “Morning”

Eric Slick – “The Dirge”

Allison Crutchfield – “Rose Knows”

NAH – “Same Fucking Line”

RemoteControl – “Wasteland”

The Writhing Squares – “Astral Trane”

The Afterglows – “Born Again”

Spring Onion – “Egg (Driving Song)”

Cherry – “Alligators”

Jo Kusy – “New Devil Beat”

Honey Radar – “Ft Wayne Mermaids”

Them Jones – “Outburst”

Queen of Jeans – “Rollerdyke”

Suburban Living – “Lovely Times”

LOUDS – “Speak”

Residuels – “Valley Of Fire”


Henry Hall unveils video for "Dream Lover" + plays Hotel Cafe on 10.14

Here's a video that will send you mixed messages (upliftingly cringeworthy?) by NYC/LA based artist Henry Hall for new single "Dream Lover". It starts off with the artist standing in front of a green screen, gazing into the camera with sympathetic eyes, and singing amidst an escalating rhythmic groove defined by a tight, punchy beat and brisk guitar strums... until the words "I'm in love with my girlfriend's sister" are uttered, after which Henry breaks out a goofy smile, and begins to dance, his body overimposed on a montage of vintage movies. It is dark, but it's quite humorous as well. Check it out down below, catch him live at LA's The Hotel Cafe on October 14, and stay tuned if you want more, there's an EP underway! - Ashley Muniz

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