Kellen of Troy's latest single + music video for "So You Found Yourself A Rockstar"

Nashville has a new indie-pop tune on its hands. But not just any indie-pop tune. Kellen of Troy's latest single, So You Found Yourself A Rockstar, speaks out for men who find themselves in a tough spot when their girlfriends turn out to be materialistic, money-grubbing women who leave them for men with a cooler, higher "status" — rockstars! Notwithstanding the heart breaking topic, Kellen Wenrich's nonchalant vocals express a calm acceptance, and his lively music video does too. Throughout the entire video, the camera pans around the room, introducing new people as they play instruments, chat about, and have a grand ol' time. Meanwhile, Kellen spontaneously appears in and out of each corner singing his tune. Everyone gets it: some people only care about one thing, so why not just let it go and party? Check out the video for "So You Found Yourself A Rockstar" down below. - Ashley Muniz

PREMIERE: Forest Veil - "Bitter Root"

A dark and dreary style of acoustics, Forest Veil's take on "doom folk" has reached new creative and emotive heights with Zoolights. Monica Metzler, the multi-instrumentalist and producer behind the venture, drew on the cathartic release of a grief based project and the transformation of that into auditory expression.

Following the passing of Metzler's father, she received texts from his phone number containing the word "zoolights." Taking that as a sign of his continual guidance from the cosmos, Metzler embarked on an adventure around the world called 'Death Ritual' where she researched the death rituals of numerous cultures. Much of that made its way onto Zoolights as field recordings, molding the album into a collection where research and intimate healing intertwine in a personal journey through despaired loss.

Zoolight's ten tracks encompass a wealth of history in emotion. Even the audio ("Mitla," "Forever There," "Spirit Realm") and instrumental ("Flute Interlude i, ii") interludes call for attention, but it's Forest Veil's original songs like the one we're premiering today that show Metzler's true sentiment.

"Bitter Root," much like the album's first track "Harem" and the others, shows a certain vulnerability in Metzler through her smokey, grieved vocals and vibrating psych-like riffing. It's a hauntingly bleary tune with a heartfelt meaning.

Zoolights is due out October 14th via Spirit House Records, with the release show Sunday, the 16th at Rontoms.

Ticket Giveaway: Cass McCombs & Delicate Steve at Underground Arts This Friday

Singer-songwriter Cass McCombs has a new record out, titled Mangy Love, which is available via ANTI-. He'll be coming to Philly this Friday, October 14 at Underground Arts with Delicate Steve, in support of his eighth album, and we'd like you to join them. To enter for a chance to win a pair of tix, just send an email to with the subject line "Hey Mang". Please also include your cell number in the body of the message (in case of an emergency). Good luck!

New Track: "Saturday (Umm)" - Fossil Jane

Olivia Price, a.k.a. Fossil Jane, recently shared a new track, “Saturday (Umm)”. The initial start of a synth beat is rounded into form by keys and guitar as the softly delivered vocals swim overtop. Sorting through a series of thoughts, it seems to capture a waking dream state. (Photo by Brian Walker)

Bryant Eugene Vazquez Invoking the Spirit of Early 90's Shoegaze at The Pharmacy Oct. 9

Bryant Eugene Vazquez delves into the darker depths of noise on his new album, Grey Expectations. Invoking the spirit of early 90's shoegaze, Vazquez resuscitates the genre with a fury and piousness that makes The Church sound like “Joy to the World” sang by a choir of castratos - pure grit that spits in your face and then lovingly wipes it away with a black velvet handkerchief. Always a conceptual artist, Bryant Eugene Vazquez's Grey Expectations is the second in a trilogy of albums that explore various genres and do so in a thoughtful manner. Vazquez will be performing this evening at The Pharmacy, where he’ll be joined by Chicago’s Absolutely Not, Janelle, Altes Shwert, and Glazer. The Pharmacy, 1300 S. 18th St., 7pm, $5-$7, All Ages - Keith Kelley

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