American Grizzly “Much Stranger Things”

American Grizzly has released a soulful new single called “Much Stranger Things”. No this is not a song inspired by the popular Netflix series, but it is classic Rock & Roll tune about love and loss.

You can catch American Grizzly at Empty Bottle on September 18th opening for Austin’s Emily Wolfe.

Suri "As I Am" Video

Suri released her debut album, “As I Am”, back in 2017, but kicked off 2019 with the release of the album’s title track’s intensely beautiful video. We sadly just discovered both the video and album this week, and honestly felt this video deserves many more than 600 views.

Suri’s most recent single was released a year ago and is called “Need I Care For You”.

Matt Muse “Myself”

Matt Muse has released a video for the track “Myself (Philautia II)” from his recently released EP, Love & Nappyness, that finds himself literally spending time with himself.

Here is how Matt approached the video for one of our favorite tracks from his EP. “The concept of the video is basically me taking the time with Myself to take care of Myself. The version of myself who appears in the beginning is the regular me who needs to take time to work on my insecurities. The second Matt (with the visor and polo) represents the embodiment of the positive traits and characteristics that I struggle to address/big up when I'm down and having low self-esteem. The second Matt is spending the video teaching the regular Matt how to take care of himself (Myself). I directed the video and it was shot by Interwine Productions. I wanted the video to be really funny and fun to watch.”

Dozens “Don’t Look Away”

Dozens have released a new single, “Don’t Look Away”, their first since 2016’s Rare Form LP. This is primarily the work of Kyle Mann, who did release a solo album called Surface last year.

The new single itself has elements ’70’s soft rock in the extremely catchy chorus but weaves its way through various era’s to arrive at a sound all its own.

Vanity Contest "Coil (The Doomsday Disco)"

Vanity Contest is the Electronic Post-Rock of Brady Matteson and May Skomsvold. The duo released their debut album, Breaking Distance, back in May, and are preparing to release a new EP called "Hospice For The Lonely” on October 30th.

Below is this first single, “Coil (The Doomsday Disco)”, from the new EP.

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