Leland Philpot "Countertrap"

Local Emcee and Producer Leland Philpot released his latest mixtape, “Countertrap”, late last month. His production is spot on and infectious while his lyrics range from fun to very introspective. He is clearly a man of strong faith and shares that joy and pain that accompanies that faith.

Philpot will be performing at an End of Summer Party at 47th and Vincennes on August 30th.

Ann Marie “Karma”

Ann Marie has released a video for the latest single, “Karma”, from her recently released Interscope debut “Pretty Psycho”.

This is just the latest in the line of outstanding singles from the EP that debuted at #5 on Apple Music R&B Charts.

Ruins "Dead Friends"

Ruins (aka Adam Schubert of Cafe Racer) recently released a new bedroom recording called “Dead Friends”. This is the first new music from Ruins since his 2018 EP, “2”.

Boogie Board

Boogie Board is the fuzzy surf rock of guitarist Stephen Denning. Last month he released an EP called “A Beach At Night” with the directive to listen only in the dark.

This month he has release two additional single, “Sonic Lightning” and “Those Sharks”, that would also fit nicely with dark, beach, surf, theme.

Zombie Schoolboy “Hey California!”

Earlier this month, Pop Punk super group Zombie Schoolboy released a new single called “Hey California!”. The group was built from the remains of group like The Fall Four, Danger Is My Middle Name, and The Fastest Kid Alive hence the word “Zombie”. This this their first release since 2018’s, Flashlights in a Dark Place.

Zombie Schoolboy is the work of Billy Cox (guitar), Craig Miller (vocals, guitar), Zane Spiegel (drums), and Rob Hlavka (bass).

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