The Last Afternoons “The Night Begins Today”

The Last Afternoons have released a new single called “The Night Begins Today”. This is the first new music we have from the group since the release of their most recent album, 2018’s Little Habitz.

The is the Power Pop of Rich Sparks, Paul Foster, Russ Horvath, Preston Pisellini and Brett Neveu.

You can catch The Last Afternoons at The Hideout on September 15th with Toy Robots and The Ads Nova.

Wet Wallet “Onions & Cilantro”

Wife and Husband Experimental Rock duo Wet Wallet have released a wild new single called “Onions & Cilantro”. Gina and Keith Herzik make up Wet Wallet and for this new single they have taken two separate improvised takes of the song and put one on the left and one on the right. They then added a few organic and non-organic sound effects, and the result is intense and uniquely Wet Wallet.

You can catch this duo at Sleeping Village on September 4th with No Men and Underwire.

Tyresta "Worthy Realms"

Tyresta has released a new album called “Worthy Realms” via Tulsa’s Unknown Tone Records. The album contains to deeply meditative ambient tracks clocking in around 24 minutes each.

This is the masterful ambient music of Nick Turner, and this is also Turner’s third release of 2019. Back in the Spring he release and album on Obsolete Staircases called “Circles Back Around"

He started the year by dropping a crazy collection of sounds via Endangered Species Tapes called “Oh No!”.

What is exceptional about Turner is that the proceeds from each of these releases have gone to a different charity. His first two tapes have sold out, and Unknown Tone is hoping the digital sales of “Worthy Realms” will lead to a cassette run this Fall.

Spills "Afterglow"

Spills have released a new single, “Afterglow”, from their forthcoming EP, “Reflections”. This primarily the dark synth-driven sounds of Brandon Dimitri, and this single is the first new music we have had from him since his 2018 EP “Figments”.

Deeper “Run"

Deeper recently released a new single called “Run” via Fire Talk Records. This is the Post-Punk Trio’s first release since their 2018 self-titled debut album.

You can catch Deeper with Dehd, Patio, and Fran on August 30th at Thalia Hall.

Photo by Brendan Carroll

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