Typesetter #7

Typesetter has released a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the session leading up to the released of their 2018 album Nothing Blues. The new album, #7, also contains four live recordings including a cover of Propagandhi's "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes".

This is the work of Alex Palermo (bass and vocals), Kyle McDonald (guitar and vocals), Marc Bannes (guitar and vocals), Matt Gonzalez (drums and percussion), and Sarah Bogosh (keys, percussion, vocals and brass).

Mock Nine "White Water"

Mock Nine is back with a new single called "White Water". The single comes quickly on the heels of the release the band's debut full-length album, Leaving Solitude, which was released earlier this month.

This is the work of Tommy Langford, Franklin Brady, and Mac Campbell, James Bruce, and Sam Grosman.

Impulsive Hearts "Dearie"

Implusive Hearts recently released their contribution, "Dearie", from the new compilation from the Portland label Cavity Search. All proceeds from the sale of "Dearie" via bandcamp will be donated to Chicago's Brave Space Alliance.

This is the work of Danielle Sines and the first new music from her since the release of her latest album, Cry All The Time, back in March.

Spun Out "Another House"

Psych Pop group Spun Out has released the lead single, "Another House", from the debut album, Touch The Sound, which is due out on August 21st via Shuga Record and Spin Out Productions.

This is the new project from 3/4's of the sadly defunct NE-Hi, Mikey Wells, James Weir, and Alex Otake.

Slow Pulp "Idaho"

Slow Pulp has released the lead single, "Idaho", from their forthcoming debut album, Moveys, which is due out October 9th via Winspear.

This is the work of Emily Massey (vocals/guitar), Alexander Leeds (bass), Theodore Mathews (drums), and Henry Stoehr (guitar).

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