Accessory "Eyes For Berlin"

Accessory has released a new single called “Eyes For Berlin” via the Brooklyn label Fire Talk.

This is the Synth laden sound of Jason Balla of Ne-Hi, Dehd, and Earring. This is the first new music from Balla’s solo project since his 2018 debut album, Blue Tape.

The song is about finding “new eyes” in moments and surroundings both new and familiar. Here is the graceful way Balla phases it; "It's about finding new eyes. Seeing the old and everyday that has become the background of my life with a fresh sense of wonder. Years ago, I went to Berlin, crashed on a friend's floor and walked and walked. Even through the cold faced grey of Berlin winter, the city felt so full of life and it all felt so new to me. There are moments where I have these eyes again in the most surprising of places: an old neighborhood I used to live in, a friend's face, the sunset through the McDonald's golden arches out my bedroom window. And they all remind me that the world can be beautiful and good."

Dehd recently announced a Spring tour with a hint of new music and more dates to come.

Sloth Hands @ Burlington Bar (1/24)

Sloth Hands have released a re-recorded version of the title track, “Sorry, Tom”, from their 2014 debut album.

This is the work of AJ Boucek, Briana Certa, and John Stenger.

You can catch Sloth Hands at Burlington Bar on January 24th with The Grool Brothers, Distants, and Permanent Residue.

Twins Peaks “Cawfee” and “St. Vulgar St.”

Twin Peaks have release two lyric video for the tracks, “Cawfee” and “St. Vulgar St.” from their forthcoming 7” which is being released via Grand Jury on February 14th.

Both videos feature the talented James Swanberg attempting to karaoke to the song without having previously heard them.

The band will touring the Midwest this March with likeminded local band Rookie.

The Lilacs “Shadow of Doubt"

Power Pop Vet’s The Lilacs have released a new video for the song “Shadow of Doubt” from their recent EP “The Lilacs Endure”.

The video was shot at various location around the city that have been impactful to the band over the years like hyllis' Musical Inn on Division St, the University of Chicago, a couple different El stops, and Wicker Park.

Jeremy Cunningham “Sleep"

Jeremy Cunningham (of Resavior) has released the first two singles, “1985” and “Sleep”, from his forthcoming debut album, The Weather Up There. The album is set to be released via Northern Spy on February 28th, and finds the drummer/composer enlisting the services of friends Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Paul Bryan (Aimee Man), Ben LaMar Gay, Makaya McCraven, Matt Ulery, Dustin Laurenzi, and more.

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