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Drowned in Sound: J Mascis - Tied to a Star

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On a Friday night of December 2004, at Manhattan venue Sin-e' in Attorney Street, an emerging NYC band with a home recorded debut album played The Deli's launch party. It was a packed crowd and everyone was holding the first issue of The Deli, whose cover these upstarts were gracing. That band was Grizzly Bear. It remains one of the most exciting nights of my life, the night I understood that this magazine had a shot at being here to stay.

Now, this ten-year anniversary issue hopes to be a(nother) celebration of this great scene, in a less cluttered, more narratorial and visually appealing form thanks to art critic Brian Chidester's work as a guest editor. This issue also comes with my deep hope for NYC to keep churning out exceptional music of all kinds for the foreseeable future.


Paolo De Gregorio,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

The cover of the 1st Issue of The Deli (December 2004)

Nilu tours in support of new EP Dichotomy

Art rock and soul singer songwriter Nilu has a whole new take on the classical/rock genre. Her Persian, classical, soul, and chamber inspiration creates soundscapes out of thin air, and does an enchanting job at bringing those sounds with complex introspection and self realization on her newest EP Dichotomy. Listen to her single, "Sing For You", and don't forget to check out her upcoming performance at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on July 25, and shortly after at Hotel Cafe on August 1. - Kayla Hay


Ludwig & Stiegler at Taste Gastropub Anniversary Party

Socially conscious restaurant, Taste Gastropub, celebrated their one year anniversary on June 12, 2014. A percentage of the proceeds went to non-profit organization, Rock The Vote, whose mission is "to engage and build political power for young people in our country." 

My mission for the night was to find out what a gastropub was and how it tasted. I hypothesized that a gastropub was an organ vital for the digestive process. My hypothesis was wrong. A gastropub is a pub that also serves high-quality food. The exterior tasted like bricks, and the interior had a finished wooden taste. In all seriousness, the food was good and from the amount of happy people I could only assume that the drinks were just as fantastic.

Once I remembered that I don't know anything about food or architecture taste, I did my job and interviewed musical duo Ludwig & Stiegler. DJ Stiegler plays house music and EDM as Spencer Ludwig plays live trumpet to accompany it. The duo has been playing at every imaginable location, bringing an interesting sound to venues across the country. 

We talked about their musical background, their strangest musical experiences, and what advice they have for local musicians on reaching their music-related goals. - Hannah Brady


Video: Punch Punch Kick, "What the Kids Don't Know"

Earlier last year, we wrote about one of our favorite local power-pop acts Punch Punch Kick. Now the four-piece have released a video for the titular track "What The Kids Don't Know", which spotlights the band performing in a game show-like setting as all sorts of crazy things happen to them. 

You can also preview the entirety of their self-titled EP on their official website.


Video: The Dead Ships "Golden Room"

Rabble-rousing garage rock trio The Dead Ships have just released a video for their new single, Golden Room, a fiery new track that follows on the tracks of their attention-grabbing full length debut, Electric Ahab, back in 2012. The no-frills video is just as expected for a band of this caliber - three slightly unkempt, yet passionate garage rockers bangin’ a tune in a ratty setting without any concerns about buttering or sensibilizing their surroundings. Oh, and there's a human crow that seems to disturb their jam, or is it the other way around? Though more details about their sophomore effort are still forthcoming, they did reveal that they just wrapped up the mastering of the record with Broken Social Scene scribe Brendan Canning in the helm of the recording. For those who happen to be in New York City this week, they're playing tonight at Glasslands Gallery.



Download: Sanglorians, "Everybody Likes a Pretty Girl"

Baroque pop outfit Sanglorians first caught our attention last year with their debut full-length Initiation, which we previously honored the title of Artist of Watch last year for their vigorous, yet mirthful take on classic power pop. One of the most commanding tracks off Initation, "Everybody Likes a Pretty Girl", will soon get the full treatment with a music video that complements the song's powerful message. It's one of the more musing moments on the album, a snarky assessment on how American society places physical beauty on a pedestal. We'll be posting up the video shortly, and starting today we're offering a free mp3 of the track that you can download by clicking the link below. 


Stream: MOTOFIGHTR, "Grow"

As we rapidly lead into the summer season, there's always that spirited debate about which songs will soundtrack the scorching Pacific sun. MOTOFIGHTR, the duo comprised of Alec Feld and Miles Gabriel, are making a compelling offer to anyone's mixtape addition with their latest track "Grow", a rush-inducing dance track that begins with a seductive tropical beat and breaks into a relaxed surge of glinting, tuneful guitars and sparkling synths. "Grow" maybe not be included on their upcoming debut EP Pacific Post Highway, due out on July 15, though there's always the possibility that portions of the track may be featured in some capacitiy. Still, it's quite the generous introduction into their tasteful electro house.


Secret Someone is Bess Rogers and Leila Brussard's' new band - live at Brooklyn Bowl on 06.20

Talented songwriters Bess Rogers (from NYC) and Lelia Broussard (from LA) have recently joined forces to form a new band called Secret Someones, also featuring Hannah Winkler & drummer/multi-instrumentalist Zach Jones. The band released a three song debut EP at the end of last year that blended pop and rock featuring the streaming sinlge 'I Won't Follow', while the latest single "Never Stop Love" it's a ballad with dreamy overtones reminiscent of the slower songs by The Bangles. They are currently on tour and will be at Brooklyn Bowl on June 20.



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