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Artist to Watch: Prettiest Eyes

Following in the tradition of muddying the rigid patterns of garage rock, Prettiest Eyes are a trio of noisemakers that write clanging, minimalist art rock with a confrontational slant. The Puerto Rico-via-LA transplants are charged with a furious energy in their recently-released EP PEEP, its searing three-tracks burying its hooks and gloriously obtrusive vocal affectations with stark expressionism. There's a forbidding aspect to their delivery that's surprisingly inviting, an intensity brewing in its ambling dissonant guitars and frantic keyboard strokes that equally unnerve and fascinate with a sense of freewheeling creativity.

Prettiest Eyes are playing tonight at Silverlake Lounge, followed with a performance at The Glass House on July 20. 


Haunted Hearts unveils video for “Up Is Up (But So Is Down)”

A musical collaboration between bicoastal duo Brandon of The Crocodiles and Dee Dee Dum Dum Girl, Haunted Hearts recently released their first full-length album “Initiation” on Zoo Music. A video for the song “Up Is Up (But So Is Down)” provides playful gender-bending visual imagery to this overall concept. Presented like a psychedelic dream, boys in lipstick and other garments typically associated with the feminine side lip-sync much of the track. Credited as a dance performance collective called Chez Deep, they are joined by Brandon and Dee Dee, also in glam-trash attire. The track itself benefits from a dominant bass guitar line, fuzzed-out guitars and brassy synths, as the in-tandem vocals meld Brandon’s tenor with Dee Dee’s vibrato. The feel is similar to something Love & Rockets in their mid-90’s “Lift” period would have produced. Check out the video below. - Dave Cromwell


Video: Globelamp, "Breathing Rituals"

Elizabeth Le Fey first made an impression with her self-released EP Star Dust late last year, a lo-fi affair that, even recorded on an 8-track, still brims with a haunting eloquence. It gave us a fuller picture of her mystifying presence, a cosmic starlet whose psychedelic folk is sickly sweet and strange. Le Fey has since furthered the scope of that EP with her first full-length of the same name, and the first promo cut off it, "Breathing Rituals", perfectly exemplifies her freewheeling spirit. The track is coated with an ethereally sensual atmosphere, with a sauntering Le Fey going through a series of mystical rites as its hazy, slow-motion psych lures you with its mantric chord pattern.

Star Dust is out now through cassette and all digital outlets via Gazelle Recordings. 


Video: Hobart W Fink, "So Many Losers"

Hobart W Fink are no strangers to this blog. Their unpretentious, straight forward approach to indie rock keeps us coming back for more. Not to mention they're consistently playing shows and creating content for us to enjoy. Their latest video for "So Many Losers," features the band's newest addition, Lauren Lakis, more prominently as co-lead vocalist. In the vein of 90s ironic rock with a slightly grungy edge, this new tune is hard-hitting and fun at the same time. Recorded Chris Kasych (Wavves, Vampire Weekend, Haim) on a vintage Neve board, this song is a promising start to the group's forthcoming full length expected this August in conjunction with a Tuesday night Residency at Harvard & Stone. - Jacqueline Caruso


Artist to Know: Dawn Golden

Dexter Tortoriello is a busy guy. Not only is he one-half of the heart-achingly dreamy duo, Houses, who released a full length this past year, but he's been simultaneously working on his own solo electronic music, under the name Dawn Golden. Swiftly discovered by Diplo in 2011 from some demos he put on soundcloud, a relationship was birthed that led to his latest creation. Three years in the making, 'Still Life,' carries a similar vulnerability and emotional heaviness as his work in Houses. Tortoriello's vocals stand against stark, minimalist, at times, glitchy production. Lead single, "All I Want," is a powerful anthem. With the titled lyrics repeating endlessly as he shapes the arrangement like a potter throwing clay on a wheel, there's an organic, human quality that pierces through. He describes the album as "if American Beauty was set in the Tron world." Stream "All I Want" from 'Still Life,' out now on Mad Decent, and see Dawn Golden live this Monday, June 2 at Bardot for School Night. - Jacqueline Caruso


Video: The Black Tibetans, "You're Cold"

If you're looking for no-frills garage rock then look no further than The Black Tibetans. The up-and-coming quartet just released an official music video for the track "You're Cold", which forms one side of their new two track EP The Nashville Session. The EP carries the heavy endorsement of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, who produced the record and also plays second guitar on the track.

The Black Tibetans - You're Cold - (Official Music Video) from SRCE production on Vimeo.


Highlands announce sophomore album Dark Matter Traveler, share new track "Beauty"

Psychedelic rock lovers, perk your ears! Long Beach natives Highlands are set to release their upcoming album Dark Matter Traveler on July 15th through their own label, Say Again Records.

The band tags themselves beneath “rock, shoegaze and psychedelic rock” genres, which does a pretty decent job of putting their music into perspective. As any good shoegazing, psych-rocking band would, Highlands blankets their tunes in thick coats of drone and fuzz. The depth and warmth of their sound as well as their ethereal harmonies lulls listeners into an aural trance until that moment of cognizance brigns awareness as to how hard this band is going. For instance, the track “Beauty”, which the band recently released for streaming on Brooklyn Vegan, features a pummeling drum line kneading its way through the doughy layers of distorted thickness and echoing vocals that characterize the track. Give it a listen! - Ted Jamison


Imaginary Persons unveils new track "Never Broken"

Late last year we gave Imaginary Persons the "artist to watch" stamp after listening to their impressive first single "Give Up", which was described at the time as "a wistful mid-tempo cut that shimmers with its sheer tunefulness." Thomas Benjamin Alexander has now unveiled his latest offering, "Never Broken", and it's another surprising delight. The track can be described as a straightforward rocker with a neo-psychedelic bent, coupled with a strumming acoustic guitar and a widescreen riff that wants to invoke the spirit of Jason Pierce. As it usually is with Alexander's still-mysterious project, we get just another taste to whet our appetites until a full EP is finally unveiled. 




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