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Moaning sign to Sub Pop, release video for "The Same"

San Fernando Valley post-punk band Moaning, who we nominated for Artist of the Month back in 2015, have just announced they're joining famed Seattle label Sub Pop. In view of the announcement, the four-piece has just released a music video for one of their early tracks, "The Same." And the track hasn't lost one bit of its visceral potency: featuring a combination of squalling metallic fuzz and thudding bass that recalls the grimy industrial chug of Manchester/Factory Records in the late seventies, singer Sean Solomon groans in a soft monotone with a resigned shrug as a practice space gets wrecked.

Moaning are working on their debut full-length record, which is tentatively slated for a spring 2018 release. Catch them opening for Metz at Teragram Ballroom on December 12.

Egrets on Ergot release video for "Mangkukulam," debut album out on 10/27

"Mangkukulam!," chants art-punk quartet Egrets on Ergot over a relentless barrage of rolling toms and thudding bass lines. The term stands for someone who is a practitioner of low magic or sorcery in Filipino culture, a striking motif that presents an alien and uncompromising vision. Their loping, practically instrumental rhythms hit with a snarling energy without losing a keen sense of groove, casting a dark spell that engulfs your senses with each and every primitive shriek.

"Mangkukulam" is the lead-off track off of Egrets on Ergot's debut album Surfeit of Gemütlich, which comes out on October 27 via Cleopatra Records. Watch the official video below.



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Odell Fox
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Hotel Café
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Sure Sure let their funky selves free on "Hands Up Head Down"

Art pop quartet Sure Sure first caught our attention with songs like "New Biome" and "The Expert," both of which brought a slick pop sound with an inventive stroke. A year later, the band is expanding their reach with their latest single, "Hands Up Head Down," where they let their funky selves free with a slinky groove that recalls the sumptuous prog-pop of Genesis and Steely Dan. The track benefits from these odd sonic contrivances that add to its overall playfulness, but never do they lose sight of a catchy, earworm chorus that might just place them on commercial rock radio. Even if they light the room with a breezy and easygoing disposition, their careful attention to detail on "Hands Up Head Down" proves they're intent on writing songs that are flat-out fun without undermining their own intelligence.

Sure Sure are playing The Fonda on January 28, 2018 supporting Hippo Campus.

Indie pop artist Kingsbury reclaims control on "Alone Again"

Caroline Kingsbury has dropped a single from her upcoming LP with Northern Transmissions, “Alone Again”. Fresh from Nashville, this emerging artist is creating a brand new name for herself in her new home of Los Angeles. Kingsbury has a similar aesthetic to Lana Del Ray but creates her own dreamy pop chords, smooth vocal transitions, and catchy drumbeats. Her poptastic sound creates the perfect mood for any lazy day drinking by yourself, long night drives with your best friend or dancing when no one is looking. Kingsbury's heart bleeds through her music; she speaks volumes to those struggling through a changing period in their life. Fighting alone through every situation you find yourself in, and figuring it out alone. Not only an inspiration to me, but anyone who travels and moves a lot, picking up and leaving everything behind you is a lot harder than people think. This song is our anthem, and I thank her for that. Sometimes it takes a few falls in order to pick yourself back up. - Kayla Hay

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