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Punk News: Tours: The Pixies

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Susan release 7" Just Call It

All-female trio Susan share a punk-meets-pop ethos that puts them in the same bracket as other power-pop bands like The Go Go's and early Bangles. The brisk seven minutes that make up their debut 7" Just Call It are short, sweet and to the point, cheerful, jangly tunes with a surf-rock edge that highlight harmony and sharp hooks. The 7" inch is just a taste until they release a five-song cassette through Burger Records early next year. 


Stream: The Controversy, "Two Voices"

What happens when an unstoppable force hits immovable object? A Controversy. Laura Vall, andThomas Hjorth are the unique and talented duo that make up The Controversy, an electro pop band with psychedelic elements with influences that range from Bjork and Beck to Portishead and Massive Attack. Their newest single, "Two Voices", holds nothing back. “Two Voices is about the insecurities we all battle with everyday,” Vall says, “the doubts that we face and how these can hold you back, even if they are just in your head.” Growing up is inevitable; we begin to realize as adults that the only thing truly stopping us is ourselves. But hard work pays off, and in 2012 the band won Artist of the Year (Artists In Music Awards) and Best Alternative Song (Hollywood Music In Media Awards), but that didn’t make the room smaller for this group. “It was great validation and a pat on the back for us but we know that we need to keep pushing forward and keep fighting. We know that there is still a long way to go and this is just the beginning.”

Varying in analog and digital synths, electronic beats, and even sampling inanimate objects to create a unique sound, The Controversy stops at nothing to keep their audience captivated on their sound. Nothing is out of the question - pencils hitting a glass, bumping pots and pans together and even pieces of wood are used to create that illuminating sound that is unlike anything we hear on the radio. After not playing a live show for over a year, Vall has plans for 2015 that include an exciting light show, a full experience and a strive for greatness. The Controversy is both the immovable and the unstoppable. As Vall suggests, “Just let go and free yourself from all these demons, you’ll enjoy life more and feel better about yourself." - Kayla Hay


Stream: Talk in Tongues, "Still Don't Seem to Care"

The debut single by four piece Talk In Tongues, "Still Don't Seem to Care", fills up the senses like a drug that's beginning to take effect. A lysergic guitar lead enraptures the track as a constant drum pound marks its swirling contours, and yet it keeps a steady rhythmic propulsion instead of letting it drift. And just as the chorus cycles through just one more time, the track decides to end abruptly. The effect has worn off, and you're immediately compelled to take another dose. The band is set to play two shows in the month of December, an in-store at Origami Vinyl on the 5th followed by a gig supporting Lou Umbra at The Cellar Door on the 20th.


Stream: Audacity, "Mind Your Own Business"

 Fullterton,OC punn mainstays Audacity have just given an update to the Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business", giving the 1979 post-punk track more of a kick with a fierce guitar lead even if it retains the essence of the original. The track can be found on their latest 7", which is out on December 2nd on Suicide Squeeze Records.  


Video: The Bulls, "Come Unwound"

The gorgeously executed new video by The Bulls - Anna Bull Brook and Marc Sallis of the Duke Spirit - artfully demonstrates the suffocating image of a being who is bound by a heavy, intertwined rope. It ties in flawlessly with their latest track "Come Unwound", which soars gently with its tremolo-lead guitar lines and towering drum patterns as you see both of them engage in mournful reflection. A compelling introduction from what would seem like an unlikely pair, we can expect more from them once they release their debut EP later this year. 



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