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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Cassorla plays the Bootleg Theater on 2.24

Cassorla is the project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Cassorla, who recently put out an EP of songs recorded in Los Angeles, Portland and Paris. Gathering his Amigos, which coincidentally is the name of the album, he used limited instrumentals, ‘vocals doubled roughly, muted drums, old analog delays, cheap tremolos, vintage microphones and a guitar’, to create an ensemble of sounds strong enough to develop a newfound love for an undefined genre. His music is indescribable and completely original; I found it difficult trying to pinpoint a certain genre he could fall under. So instead, I was left with trying to identify genres that blend together into one: classical, underground electro, indie rock, avant-garde and some new age are just some of the genres I could pinpoint, yet they all intertwine. Future One is quite the highlight - it features Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes, and includes rough guitar picks that naturally bring out my air guitar and foot tapping skills. You can see Cassorla perform an album release show alongside Chris Bauers at the Bootleg Theater on February 24. - Kayla Hay


The Vigils play Los Globos on 2.13

Cleverly named after the malicious secret society in eighties cult classic The Chocolate War, the Vigils are an instinctive quartet with a flair for grandiosity that touches upon the more sensible side of post-punk. Fronted by the slurred, yet impassioned delivery of Danny Cieplinski, the band are regulars in the West Hollywood scene, playing numerous shows week after week with a tireless drive that resonates in their impassioned performances. They’re seduced by the defiance of rock n’ roll, eschewing choppy, slightly delayed guitar chords and tight rhythmic patterns that are performed with a dramatic flair. But there’s also a danceable feel to their brisk, straightforward approach, served in a brooding swing that interlocks with their scuzzy, yet tuneful sound. The band will showcase their performance prowess next Thursday the 13th at Los Globos.


Video: MYPET, "Pays To Know"

Dark and brooding, MYPET makes sultry, at times psychedelic, electro pop. Their video for "Pays to Know," is set in a fantasy-filled forest where danger lurks around every corner. I guarantee the hook will be stuck in your head for days. Peep the video below and see them live tonight as part of The Deli LA presented Kan Wakan Residency at The Echoplex with J. Laser (of M83), and Tien. - Jacqueline Caruso


Tashaki Miyaki share "Cool Runnings," play The Troubadour Feb 22

Self-actualization is an arduous, life-long task. It requires vulnerability and acceptance. Embracing this attitude towards a higher existence, Lucy Miyaki is showing us her softer side with "Cool Runnings." Based on the idea of "trying to stop the cycle of self sabotage," a pattern known all too well to those following artistic paths, Tashaki Miyaki have once again captured layered emotions in their own breezy, chilled out way. The ease with which Miyaki delivers her dreamy, heartfelt lyrics is beguilingly seductive. Her voice is like a cozy cocoon waiting to wrap you up and carry you away to an enlightened consciousness. Stream "Cool Runnings" below from their bandcamp. The single is part of a limited edition 7" colored vinyl available Feb 25. Catch them live at The Troubadour on Feb. 22. - Jacqueline Caruso


Stream: White Sea, "Prague"

Back in November, we shared White Sea's video for "I Don't Know," which was filled with heavenly production and imagery. White Sea is the moniker of Morgan Kibby, known for her work with M83, who has an undeniably angelic voice. Her latest single, "Prague," shows the darker side of her electro sound. Opening gently like a sweet caress with delicate, whispering harmonies, she catches you completely off guard with the thumping, gritty beat that kicks in with the chorus. Like a vampire, "Prague" woos you before it takes a satisfying bite. White Sea's full length, 'In Cold Blood' is due out this March. Catch them live at The Palladium with Phantogram on February 22. - Jacqueline Caruso


Stream: Uh Huh Her " Innocence"

"I look back, I look back", goes the chorus to Uh Hu Her's latest electro-pop romp "Innocence", a sentiment that suitably connects with their current status as an established act. How do you evolve? It's a thought that went through the minds of Camilia Grey and Leisha Hailey while making their third full-length release, titled Future Souls, and the answer couldn't be any clearer: go back to writing the kind of alluring anthems that seduce the crowds to step into the dancefloor. The track transmits an electric charge with its driving hook and infectious bass groove, though its murky ambiance gives it an air of mystery and depth. Future Souls will be released via Plaid Records on March 25th. 


Winter 2013. NYC Issue #37 (CMJ)
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