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Dollshot's classic art pop vision rings true on "Paradise Flat"

There’s an immediately disorienting quality to “Paradise Flat,” the novel single by New York art pop husband and wife duo Dollshot. The track’s in an off kilter 7/8 time signature that fills each measure with a sense of shuffling unease, while a brooding synthetic bass plays against occasional piano accents. In the eye of the storm is Rosie’s hauntingly vocal performance, a melodic counterpoint to the discordant saxophone of Noah K. It’s a lot to take in at once, given that each musical component comes at the listener simultaneously, but the end result is an impressive synthesis of pop, jazz, and classical instrumentation, one that belies Dollshot’s experiences cutting their teeth at music conservatory before shifting into the world of experimental indie. Futhermore, the track is evocative of other alt-jazz efforts, primarily Radiohead's "Life In A Glass House," done so in a way that ratchets woodwinds, percussion, and electronics up to an 11. 

“Paradise Flat” is the first single from Dollshot’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Lalande, out January 25th. Stream it below. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)

Julian Xtra “Lil Intro Vert"

Chicago-born, LA-based Hip Hop artist Julian Xtra has dropped his latest single, “Lil Intro Vert”. This follow-up his hit single, “Everybody Eatin’”, which was released right at the end of the summer.

Julian left Chicago for the LA last year, and seems to have really hit his stride. Below is the Alexander Perfilyev animated video for “Lil Intro Vert”.

New Track: "Waffles" - Fast Car Slow Car

Breshon Martzell, a.k.a. Fast Car Slow Car, recently shared the project's debut single, “Waffles,” which was produced by fellow Straw Hats bandmate/The Districts' Rob Grote. There’s a playful psych-dream aspect, driven by its wandering keys. The deep vocal tone and the futuristic electro-beats create an oddball, 80's aesthetic. Amid the strangeness, there’s a bright, buoyant bounce to the dance-inspiring recording. Its corresponding video was edited by Braden Lawrence (The Districts/Haggert McTaggert), capturing a kaleidoscope of colors within a home video, with a nod to travelers of the cosmos.

Little Raven open the bill at The Cobra on 12.18

Genre-weavers Little Raven, who released their EP Black & Blue last year, will open the bill at The Cobra on December 18th. The quartet of Rafael Green, Keenan Keaton Payne, Kyle Edmonston, and Brad Owens pulled out all the stops to put their songs to tape last year, adding strings, horns, and mystical vocal overdubs to their jazz-rock jams. The recordings on Black & Blue capture not just their musical talent, but also the energy of their live performances; you can catch them on stage opening for Louisiana-based Alex Abel and NYC-based HER, kicking off a night of unapologetic rock-and-roll sure to make that Tuesday night an unforgettable one. Listen to Black & Blue below. - Will Sisskind

Gerrit Hatcher "Parables For The Tenor"

Tenor Saxophonist Gerrit Hatcher released his latest album, Parables For The Tenor, via Astral Spirits today, December 7th. This album, his second solo album, is just Hatcher and his sax over 6 tracks amplifying the amazing array of sounds both can produce.

You can catch Gerrit Hatcher with Angel Dat David, Julian Kirshner, and Peter Maunu at The Beat Kitchen on December 12th, and at Elastic Arts on January 10th as part of the trio Devouring the Guilt.

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