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Young The Giant CMJ show review

I met the Young the Giant dudes at a show during CMJ and was happy I did because it got me into listening to their poppy, catchy, Cali-cool jams. I accepted their invitation to see their show at Pianos on Friday. These guys were awesome to see live – the energy in the space was hopping. The instrumentals are ethnic-infused, subtle and smooth, but the most notable of the group is the singer, who belts the songs in a very gushing, romantic, and extremely sexy way. - Alex Vann

CMJ 2010 winners: Prince Rama

Prince Rama played Death By Audio on Friday and they killed it. I was up front and people were irritated with me and my giant bag full of shit and at one point the entire thing spills over the ground. Just before the band started Nimai handed me her camera and asked me to take pictures. “Get on stage, get behind us, whatever,” she says. This excites me to no end of course. The show starts: the percussion is weird and lucid and the beats are droning and the synths are atmospheric and the vocals are otherworldly and the whole thing comes off like this crazy dance party, sort of like that really weird scene that didn’t make sense from The Matrix Reloaded where there is that underground rave – it’s tribal and percussive and futuristic and infinite and full of love. The crowd loves the three part harmonies and the heavy synth bass and the beats and everyone is dancing and cheering and they look enthralled from where I am now - on the back of the stage. Dale W. Eisinger.

Zoe Boekbinder (of Vermillion Lies) @ Foobar, 10/25/10

This will be a cool show to anyone whose interest is peaked by the following:

Dresden Dolls.

Amanda Palmer.

Vermillion Lies.


Try and figure out how they're all related. Well--not really. Just go to Foobar tonight at 9 pm to catch Zoe's set, as well as local artists Holmes & Presley and Erin Manning--one of our co-editors! Show is only $5 AND there'll be some great drink specials. Think "shot'o tequila and a PBR for $5..." Who can resist that? AmiRight?! Go here for additional show details. See you tonight!--Deli Staff

Suns @ Schubas

To make their debut Suns have released not one, but two eps and they have released them for free. The band throws a large array of instruments on to these eps including glockenspiels, mandolins, banjos, and even dual drummers. Their sound is full and their eps are free. You can download Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program and The Howl and the Many from bandcamp.

You have three opportunities to catch Suns live over the next two weeks. They are performing at Schubas on October 27th (as Black Sabbath), at The House Cafe (Dekalb) on October 30th, and at Double Door on Nov. 3rd with Mutts, Asleep, Glittermouse, and Republic of Lights.

True Womanhood CMJ show review

I saw True Womanhood at NYC's Cake Shop during CMJ and they were absolutely phenomenal. The sheer fact that they exist is incredible to me. I think of Chuck Klosterman’s review of Chinese Democracy but this actually matters because that album would have gotten made if Axl Rose had been sealed in Wax. They play dark, post-punk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs a little bit, a little bit Fugazi, a little bit Joy Division. But it is straight DIY – that’s the rub. These guys are playing some of the most progressive music I have heard in a long time and they are doing it out of the most culturally repressive cities in the world. They tell me later that they play shows in DC that get shut down reliably by 10:30 p.m. because the police cruise the interwebs and are fastidious about time ordinance. There will be a lot more to hear about them soon, I hope. To me, they have a winning combination: nerdy and enthusiastic frontman, cute and talented female bassist, obviously brainy dude behind the kit. - Dale W. Eisinger

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