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Free Week: What Made Milwaukee Famous, Yellow Fever, New Roman Times, Crooks, Butcher Bear & Charlie, and more, and more, and more...

The End of 2010 approaches, and that means two things: one, our big bad Year End Poll is in the works, with a winner soon to be crowned as Emerging Austin Artist of 2010, and two, FREE WEEK is on its way, with way WAY too many local bands out playing for you during the first week of January. You'll never see them all, but if you tried, you could catch What Made Milwaukee Famous (at Emo's 1/7 along with The Lemurs, pictured above) White Rhino, Amplified Heat, One Hundred Flowers, Quiet Company, Shapes Have Fangs, STEREO IS A LIE, Fresh Millions, Beautiful Supermachines, and many many more. All week. Participating venues include The Parish, Emo's, The Mohawk, Red 7, Beerland, ND at 501, The Scoot Inn, Stubb's...

--photo by Chris Carson


Noteworthy NYC Artists from Best of NYC Submissions: Like, Mountains

Somewhat reminiscent of an acoustic, lo-fi version of The New Pornographers, Like, Mountains employ their indie-pop sensibility through an amalgamation of techniques, layering seemingly simple and catchy melodies with untraditional sounds. In “Call Me A Liar,” chimes punctuate the concerns of a 20-something (“What are you doing/ With your life?”), in the title track off the band’s latest EP, “If We Break Up Right Now,” accordion plays in chorus with male and female vocals musing about the material side of a relationship, and in “Mexico,” French horn and trumpet harmonies accompany tales of west-coast kids’ escape to the country that’s the “closest “furthest” place from what they know.” The band’s currently planning an early 2011 tour with Brooklyn neighbors Field Mouse, and hard at work on a full-length release. - Katherine Bennet

Flosstradamus on NYE

Flosstradamus dropped their 2010 wrap-up mixtape this week via twitter called W3 L0V3 Y0U 2010. You can see the tracklist here and download it here.

You can check out Flosstradamus on NYE with Gemini Club and Prefrosh at Lincoln Hall.

CSTVT @ Subt

I've always wondered why bands chose to change their name, and Castevets move to CSTVT has no explanation either. However, names aside the band still has a solid sound and a new label to prove it. The band is currently finishing up their upcoming full-length on new label home Run For Cover Records, as well as its 7" label debut due out next month.

CSTVT is performing on January 2nd at Subterranean with Stay Ahead Of The Weather, Bongripper and Coping.

Have Fun and Don't Get Arrested - Happy New Year!

Uh-oh - New Year’s Eve is tomorrow! Do you have someone to kiss at midnight? Do you have any plans!?! Well, it’s up to you to swing the former, but we can certainly help you with the latter. And the right event might just get you the action that you are looking for. Now, we think that there will be plenty of kissable peeps at The Annual R5/Making Time New Years Eve Freakout at 90 Degreez (formerly Transit), and the all night open bar will help create a little social lubrication. But if you don’t have your tix already, SORRY, because this baby is SOLD OUT. Also the Hands and Knees/Tigerbeats Party is a good alternative, but unfortunately, there is no open bar there. Luckily, there are plenty of open bars and kissable people throughout the city on NYE. If your pockets are a bit deeper, The Blockley has the man who laid down plenty of those beats that you were jamming out to when your parents just didn’t understand. DJ Jazzy Jeff will be spinning his favorites just for you. Open bar is also included. Now, if live music is your thing and you’re still trying to get some lovin’ (we just want to say that we do not condone excessive PDA in the middle of a live performance - unless it is on stage), then you might find a love fest at KFN with Dangerous Ponies, Banned Books and Bandname. Your odds of a hookup might also be best at a molly-fueled jam band show like Lotus or The Disco Biscuits. But most of that action is back at the hotie anyways. Honestly, there is a shitload of options for your flava and we’re kind of feeling like the guy in Clerks that’s not even supposed to be here today/this week so we’d like to direct you to the friendly folks at Phrequency who have kindly put together a list of more options and details for this weekend here. We’ll be back with Weekend Warrior next week. Happy New Year - we’ll see you on the other side soon enough! - The Deli Staff
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