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Cloud Entertainment Launch Party at Millcreek Feb. 18

Cloud Entertainment will be having a launch party this evening at Millcreek Tavern for their official website: If you’re not familiar with Cloud Entertainment, they’ve been booking shows and helping to spread the word about local talent for over four years now. They book primarily at Millcreek Tavern and Pterodactyl Art Gallery and also other venues independently including World Cafe Live, Kung Fu Necktie, The Fire and other non-conventional spaces. Tonight local acts Lion Versus, The Best Westerns, The Josh and Pete Band, and Baltimore’s A Cat Called Cricket will be helping them celebrate this occasion. You’ll also find head guy Josh Craft pulling double duty and performing around town with his band Conversations with Enemies or as the re-incarnation of The Bee Team. There will be drink specials from 9 - 11pm so liquor up and buy a round for the Cloud Entertainment crew while you are at it. Cheers! Millcreek Tavern, 4200 Chester Ave., 9pm, $8, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman

Luke Rathborne releases double EP "I Can Be One / Dog Years" + plays Living Room on 02.18

Luke Rathborne is just 22 years old and already knows what it feels like to be tired after a long night of drinking and other regrettable affairs, knowing he's gotta pick himself up to do it all over again the next night. Hailing from the deep woods of Brunswick, Maine, his voice occupies a wide range of sparse and haunting settings; from sad bastard bar ballads to whispy folk tunes, he succeeds in turning otherwise stubborn melancholy to the kind of comforting intimacy I used to go to Elliott Smith to find. His wispy tenor is so effortless, Rathborne has no difficulty complimenting a very wide pallette, which can sometimes make his thread a bit difficult to follow, but that's part of the fun that comes with discovering a new artist. You can expect something for anyone needing a shoulder to cry on when his debut double-E.P. Dog Years comes out March 8 on Dilletante Records. He'll also be leaving for a London tour on the 21st of this month, so now's the time to see him in an intimate, local space. Luke Rathborne performs at The Living Room Feb 18 @ 7pm. - Mike Levine
Luke Rathborne: Dog Years

The Deli’s Philly Best Emerging Artists Poll - Top Performers: Levee Drivers

When I first saw Levee Drivers two years ago at Yards Brewery, I was instantly blown away by the sheer boldness of the Bucks County outfit's performance. The second time I saw them--at the 2009 Beta Hi-Fi competition where I was one of the judges for--I was equally mesmerized. And yes, they did win and deservedly so. These reactive moments, though, didn't happen because what I heard was surprisingly singular. It was because there was this undeniable passionate force behind every guitar lick and salty intone. That's probably why The Deli has had them on our radar for a long time now. Levee Drivers performed at our first-ever locals showcase, part of The Tunes Wit Whiz series, at Johnny Brenda's. They also snagged the top spot last year in our Fans/Readers poll and got to share the stage with The Deli's Best Emerging Artists 2009 overall poll winners Reading Rainbow and runner-ups Grandchildren. But what do you expect from a band that calls on dirty pick-ups ("Poor Boy's Shoes") and driving swagger ("Tennessee Girl")? Just charismatic ruggedness, that's all. On the real, their signature blend of vintage rockabilly, dust bowl country, working class rock, and crossroad blues melts to this sort of beaten Steel Country rock 'n' roll, and you can't ignore it. I dare you to try. - Annamarya Scaccia

Seasons/Spectres at Someday Lounge


What a great way to get ourselves through these last stretches of dreary winter-gloom – Alameda has just announced that their debut full-length Seasons / Spectres is ready for listening, and you can join the celebration March 5 at the Someday Lounge for their record performance, along with performances by Porches and OK Bird.

Alameda is not just another three-piece folk-pop Portland band – it's vocalist/guitarist Stirling Myles, classically-trained cellist Jessie Dettwiler, and classical clarinetist, Jennifer Woodall, along with visitations by members of the Horse FeathersAgesandAges and various musicians from regional symphonies. Altogether, the result is a collaboration of orchestral comprehensions, a full symphonic accord that finds balance between folk modesty and effervescent chamber pop; a balance that will doubtlessly put up a great show. 

So come out to the Someday Lounge and pick up your copy of the heavy-hearted yet seamlessly orchestral Seasons / Spectres this March; it's diverse moodiness is exactly what you need during this bipolar winter season. -April Ehrlich

Also, here is a little sneak-peek of what to expect: New Leaf - Alameda

Seth Glier Gives All He Can Through His Music

Seth Glier

The sweet sound of ‘Lauralee’ wafts down a hospital hallway.  The rooms are filled with sick and dying patients.  A young man with an incredible range sings sweetly to a child who has a few weeks to live.  This will be her first and last live concert.  Perhaps this is a strange place to hear live music, but 22 year old singer/songwriter Seth Glier plays at AIDS clinics, Children’s and VA hospitals, through a program called Musicians on Call.  He began this work while touring because he is ‘bringing music to people who need it the most.’
Currently touring to promote recently released “The Next Right Thing” in his Prius with his guitar player Ryan Hommel, Glier explains the two met at a blues bar when they were a mere 14 years old.  Together they share a love of music with soul or ‘storytelling pop’ tunes.  The two marked 250 shows in 2010, and this year should be even greater in numbers.  Music videos for ‘Lauralee’ and ‘Walk Katie Home’ will be out in March.

Read the whole interview by Michelle McManmon HERE

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