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Eagle and Talon's "In Manila" due out at the end of February


Kim and Alice of Eagle and Talon create an indie pop ensemble that is fun, sexy, and original. Their vocals are smooth and soft, and their music is danceable...think an early, toned-down Madonna meets The Like with a post-punk twist. You might have seen the girls performing "Coast That's Closest" on the hit/guilty pleasure series 90210. Their second full-length album titled "In Manila" will be available at the end of February on Bi/Akka records, so stay tuned!

-Jenna Putnam


Vivian Girls clean up their sound for third release - free single download

Vivian Girls are about to release their third album (first one on Polyvynil).  "It's cleaner and more hi-fi than the previous records," Cassie says of Share the Joy, which the band recorded at Rear House, the home studio run by Jarvis Taveniere (of the Brooklyn combo Woods), who engineered the album. "The sound is more open, more free. I think that this album really shows our strengths as musicians, and shows us melding together musically. It's more psychedelic and less shoegaze. There's also a lot of organ on it, which is new for us." - You can download the first single "I heard You Say" for free here.

Best of The Bay Area Emerging Artists 2010 Top Three: Weekend, Michael Musika, The Family Crest

Surely it comes with little surprise that everyone's favorite of last year Weekend has topped our list and been named the Best Emerging Bay Area Artist of 2010. After causing a huge splash with their wildly successful EP (earning itself a Deli SF Album of the Month Award), impressive Noise Pop performance, and a currently successful new release Sports, Weekend have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with around the Bay Area. As they depart for their tour with the Wire we wish them the best exporting the finest of San Francisco's wonderfully shrill shoegaze-y noise-rock.

After a contentions reader's voting period Michael Musika earned himself a second place nod. Contrasting Weekend with a more subdued acoustic style Michael Musika brings some representation to the poll for the Bay Area's folk community.

Finally, after coming in first in the reader's poll The Family Crest took third for the overall contest. Bringing an orchestral indie-rock sound to the field, this placement hopefully will help The Family with their latest release The Village.

Canasta win Deli Chicago Best of 2010 Fans' Poll! Overall results out soon.

Congrats to orchestral pop sextet Canasta for winning our Chicago Best of 2010 fans' poll. After a seriously tight race the band preceded charming and somewhat quirky rootsy combo (another sextet!?!) Dastardly and Soft Speaker and their songs ranging from the mellow to the rocking. Here's the Fans' Poll Top Ten - thanks to all the bands for spreading the word about it! The composite chart results (including the vote of our jury of scene makers listed here) will be out later this week, so be sure to check back for the overall winners!

Soft Speaker
Secret Colours
Jon Drake and the Shakes
Sad Brad Smith
Verona Red
Está Vivo
Gemini Club

The Deli Staff

Invictus Picks -- Streight Angular -- Everyone is Syncopated


You know those songs that get stuck in your head just for the sake of catchiness? If you've heard Streight Angular's "HOTTIES" or "Are You Ever Satisfied?", you know what I mean. That's what this band does, they also know how to get a crowd going with their high-energy, crazy live shows. I single-handedly witnessed these guys turn every bro at Landsdowne Pub that was there to see Minus the Bear into a jumping up and down fool waving thier arms and singing along with Al and the rest of the Streight Angular crew.


"Everyone is Syncopated" is their latest track. Its lyrics are gloomy, "Children are evaporating/Industry is culminating" but the song is catchy, is that possible? Yes, they did it again, you might find yourself singing "Oh Oh Oh Oh," despite the tune being about all that is wrong with the world. Their next show is Thursday the 3rd at Great Scott. 


Streight Angular - Everyone is Syncopated (Single)

-- Danielle Freudenthal

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