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Zaid Maxwell

Shapers frontman Zaid Maxwell recently went into the studio with bandmate Amelia Styer and Patrick Brin and emerged with a track he is now giving away called "Nadya Lyons and the Imposing Peril of a Brave New World". It is a beautiful track, and you have no reason not go and grab it.

Free Energy Power Hour - Episode 3

Free Energy is back with the third episode of their Free Energy Power Hour. We kind of want them to get huge just to see Donny Smeads rollin’ in their entourage to the “hottest” LA clubs on TMZ. (We hope that they would never ditch Donny.) The video also features DFA’s “newest artist” Texas Scott (feat. Ol’ Tuck). We think Corn and Peas should definitely be signed next! - The Deli Staff

Free Energy Power Hour - Episode 3 from Free Energy

Hands and Knees - James Brown Died on Christmas Day

james brown

I really like these songs. They are croony and Mid-Sixites rock/Early Rolling Stones-ish. 

Hands and Knees are putting out a Christmas 7" next week.  

"James Brown Died on Christmas Day" is the A side, and "The Biggest Snowflake" is the
B side.  See and listen to it here:

Shows for December:
Wednesday 12/1 at the Middlesex Lounge with Doomstar! and Magic Magic
Thursday 12/2 at the Sierra Grille in Northampton, with Whistejacket
and Tony the Bookie
Friday 12/3 at The 201 in Providence with Viva Viva and The Invisible Hours
Sat. 12/4 at the Cakeshop, Queers Beers and Rears dance party
Sat. 12/17 at the PA's Lounge Christmas Party

--The Deli Staff

Where Is My Mind?: Reading Rainbow

If you’ve been following The Deli, then last year’s Best of Philly Poll Winners Reading Rainbow (a.k.a. Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton) are no strangers to you. We’ve had great time following all the accolades and opportunities that have come their way this past year. Today marks the release of Reading Rainbow’s Prism Eyes (which can be purchased here) on Hozac Records, but this dynamic duo/husband and wife team (“like Sonic Youth”) already has a new split 7” ready for release in a few weeks. Though life has been pretty hectic, Garcia and Everton were nice enough to let us pick their brains about what’s been going on in the Reading Rainbow camp as well as embracing the dumbness of tweeting, Ancient Astronauts, Antique Road Show, and much, much more here.

Less Than a Week Left to Vote for the Boston Music Awards!


The Boston Music Awards are a big deal. Again, this year they are being held at the beautiful Liberty Hotel (used to be a jail, it's a really sweet hotel, worth it enough to check it out if you are into design) BUT this is about music. They will have live performances by DOM, Barry & The Remains, Jennie Dee & the Deelinquents, Mystery Roar, Kingsley Flood, Kon, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and many others. In the meantime, VOTE! This is a democratic country (we think) so exercise your right!

Many acts featured in the Deli are up for awards, including Sodafrog,The Organ Beats, Jesse Dee, Club D'elf and the one and only, Tim Gearan.

Voting closes at 5:00PM on Monday November 29th. Winners will be announced December 5 at the Liberty Hotel.


And if you want to buy tickets to this event go here.


--The Deli Staff

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