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Oh! Pears & Attia Taylor Join Forces at JB’s Feb. 11

With acoustic riffs and staccato snaps of drum and cymbal, former Pattern Is Movement guitarist Corey Duncan makes the most of dreamy chords and charming hooks in local outfit Oh! Pears. Comprised of a unit that can reach up to 13 people, Oh! Pears melodic fortitude lies in the intricate progression of their lyrical narratives. Tracks like “Helena” and “Singers” swell with intentional harmony, making Duncan and his bandmates’ efforts reminiscent of Beruit and Andrew Bird’s “Plasticities” stripped rather than overproduced. “Fill Your Lungs” is crisp and sincere, much like the band’s collaborative creation for this show “Born In the Clouds”. Paring Oh! Pears rhythmic sensibilities with Attia Taylor’s bright yet heartfelt voice, “Born In the Clouds” lends itself as auditory escapism with a hint of cathartic bliss. If you missed when we premiered the track a few weeks back, then you get a chance to take a listen and download it for FREE below. Johnny Brenda’s. 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Dianca Potts


Born In Clouds by Corey Duncan & Attia Taylor

Sold Out Dr. Dog Show at E Factory Feb. 11

When Dr. Dog was formed roughly ten years ago, who would’ve thought they’d be the staple they are today? Whether you saw it coming or not, Dr. Dog are now Philly’s elder statesmen, and it seems like they’ve been taking over the world one album at a time. Starting off in the chaotic territory of Elephant 6-ish psychedelia, replete with all sorts of tape manipulation and general lo-fi fuzziness, they’ve gradually scaled back a lot of those eccentricities, honing in their sound to the pop essentials. The songwriting has grown cleaner, the lyrics more personal, and the harmonies more infectious. Last year’s Shame, Shame (their debut for major label ANTI-) saw the band roping in more fans than ever before, which is apparent with the sold out show this evening at Electric Factory. Pals Buried Beds have also been given a chance to show off their pop savvy tonight. You’ll find the five-piece plugging in instruments and leaving the term “Appalachian” behind with songs from their latest release Tremble the Sails. They’ll also be joined by recent Sub Pop signees The Head and the Heart. Electric Factory, 421 N. 7th St., 8pm, $20 (SOLD OUT), All Ages - Joe Poteracki

Alex Winston's new single + video

I have one question about Alex Winston. Where does she hide the helium tank? Don't get me wrong, Sister Wife (download link under the video) is a light and fun jaunt, with soaring melodies and satisfying hooks...but I'm serious about that helium thing. Winston's soprano is so ethereal and high, that I feel like she's sucking birthday balloons dry before recording each track. Kate Bush fans, rejoice! Title track "Sister Wife" catches you with the "ooooh," so hard you don't even realize it's about bigamy. And let me say, it's one of the best songs about bigamy I've heard since...a while. Her debut EP is consistently filled with breathy girlpop dreamscapes that lets your mind wander, with enough of a backing beat to keep you from floating away – "Choice Notes" and "Fingers and Toes" especially. "Sweet James" is a stand-out, a sweet and pretty nostalgia-infused Motown crooner, conjuring visions of summer love and picnics in sunny parks. Put that one on your make-out playlist. And add "Sister Wife" too...y'know, if you're into bigamy. - Allison Levin

DOWNLOAD: Alex Winston - Sister Wife (MP3)

Matt the Electrician: Accidental Thief

Ok, in our world, Matt the Electrician would play halftime, and the Black-Eyed Peas would scramble together a Kickstarter for their next effort, but...wisely, rather than dwell on this type of thing, Matt the E and family instead came up with this sweet and smart response to the plight of the indie musician...

The Deli Magazine Presents Grimace Federation, Grandchildren, Power Animal, Ryat & Circadian Rhythms at The Ox Feb. 19!!!

We just want to give you a heads up on a KILLER local bill that The Deli will be presenting next Saturday, February 19 at The Ox w/Grimace Federation, Grandchildren, Power Animal, Ryat, and Circadian Rhythms. We really wish that we could take credit for putting together this lineup of some of our favorite Philly artists, but this honor goes to Ox resident The Armchairs’ Andy Molholt - a great dude who was smart and nice enough to bring these talented folks together. Remember to thank him with plenty of alcohol and herb that evening. We will. - The Deli Staff


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