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Blood and Guts Ball @ 12th & Porter, 10/28/10

Looks like some pretty "colorful" entertainment will be happening in Nashville this weekend, especially at 12th and Porter. It also looks like it might be a good idea to try and snag advance tickets for a lot of the shows going on, because they're probably gonna be pretty packed. Go here for more information and tickets.--Deli Editor

Another New Video for Grandchildren’s “Saturn Returns”

We are full of videos today. But who doesn’t love a little visual stimulation with their music? Not any of us. Well, our favorite sons Grandchildren released a new video today via The Fader for “Saturn Returns”. Yes, they just released one last week already, but this one is definitely the more professional version with Canadian short filmmaker Chelsea McMullan at the helm. Glad to see someone is laying down some cash to help get these guys more exposure. They deserve it. Enjoy! - The Deli Staff

Saturn Returns Directed by Chelsea McMullan Produced by What Matters Most from Green Owl

Disturbed's Online Game

This week Disturbed will premiere The Asylum Interactive Experience an online game based on their album Asylum. The album was recently released on Reprise Records, and was Disturbed's fourth consecutive studio album to debut at No. 1.

“Free Energy Power Hour” - Episode 2

Donny Smeads of "The Donny Smeads Show" is back with our freedom rock lovin’ jokesters Free Energy for another two minutes and fifty-nine seconds of the “Free Energy Power Hour”. Did you ever wonder where you could get your favorite cassingle refurbished? Or your VHS and Beta collection of porn? Well, here you go. - The Deli Staff  

The Dig

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Electric Toys
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<p>&ldquo;Electric Toys&rdquo; is <a href="">The Dig</a>&rsquo;s first full length record and follow-up to their &ldquo;Good Luck and Games EP.&rdquo; The album's most notable aspects are the band&rsquo;s ability to authentically capture the energy of their live shows, and their creation of a fresh sound while reflecting deep appreciation for their musical roots. Undulating piano chords open &ldquo;Carry Me Home,&rdquo; continue as echoing guitars float beneath Mosseri&rsquo;s shining vocals, and surge into a passionate chorus. The residual guitar feedback flows into &ldquo;Two Sisters in Love&rsquo;s&rdquo; alternating guitar intervals as fuzzbox effects, and ghostly background vocals produce a mysterious quality that haunts the entire record. This eerie nature segues into the contrasting musical mood of &ldquo;You&rsquo;re Already Gone,&rdquo; whose lovesick lyrics, yet uplifting accompaniment, fashion the consummate pop-rock song: danceable, singable, and relatable. Previously released &ldquo;She&rsquo;s Going to Kill That Boy&rdquo; explodes out of sinister, ascending vocals and keyboards into a searing chorus &ldquo;Penitentiary,&rdquo; always the favorite at gigs, maintains The Dig&rsquo;s piercing sonic energy and eventually relaxes into a yearning &ldquo;Sick Sad Morning.&rdquo; The adrenaline picks back up with &ldquo;He&rsquo;s a Woman&rdquo; which oozes with raw, catching beats and a swaggering melodic style. Frantically paced &ldquo;Look Inside&rdquo; then pushes forward with urgent piano chords and clicking, aggressive bass lines, gradually decelerating into a fade that shifts gracefully into the lullaby-like &ldquo;For All Your Sins.&rdquo; Solemn organ tones, delicate drumming, and heart-tugging strings produce a distinct B-side track before The Dig return to their signature bass-boosted sonority on &ldquo;Shadow.&rdquo; The CD's penultimate &ldquo;I Just Want to Talk to You&rdquo; exhumes The Dig's blues roots, as Baldwin adopts a sultry vocal cadence, and the quartet adds rock flavor with heavy distortion. Blending acoustic tenor with a melancholy demeanor, a sentimental &quot;Feel Like Somebody Else&quot; closes the album on a poignant note. - Meijin Bruttomesso</p>
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