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NLMS Have Plenty to Celebrate at JB’s Nov. 19

North Lawrence Midnight Singers will be celebrating the release of Last Great Saturday Night, which is available for free here, tonight at Johnny Brenda’s. I know. It would’ve been nice to have the show tomorrow, but if anyone has booked a show before at JB’s, their schedule can be pretty tight for openings so you grab what you can. No worries - I don’t think that they’ll be skimping on the heartfelt energy from performing pieces of their latest work for the audience. They’ll be sharing the bill with a couple of local acts who have their own reason to party down tonight. The Josh Olmstead Band and Joseph Arnold are also celebrating the release of their albums, Purple Mountain Majesty In the Antlers Hotel and Discomedusae this evening. Rounding out the lineup will be Steve and Krista Yutzy-Burkey from The Swimmers. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman

Upcoming NYC band to check out: Ambassadors

Ambassadors are taking their indie soul to a new level with the new "Unconsolable" demo on their myspace page (by the way, this "demo" sounds better than most DIY records out there, so... what's the point of using the word "demo" these days?). We like many things in this track, the original percussive pattern, the sax section, the distorted bass, the developing melody, and how everything is slowly building without really adding any new element to the arrangement. Vaguely reminiscent of TV on the Radio before they became overly produced. Check these guys out live at Mercury Lounge on 11.30

From our Open Blog: Shalloboi

Shalloboi are playing a somewhat holiday-themed show at Martyrs' (3855 n lincoln) with Friends Having Fun (an off-shoot of Essex Chanel) and the pawns on Monday, December 13th. They will play their four-song 'Christmas Suite' in its entirety. The strings trio will be present at this show as well.

They've also completed an animated video for 'Falling Stars' off of their latest release 'All Hope is Blind.'

Earl Greyhound and Cavalier Rose live at Bowery on 11.20

Besides being based in NYC, Earl Greyhound (in the picture) and Cavalier Rose have in common a sound that references to the roots of rock'n'roll, an inclination to flirt with blue notes, and and a sublime rocking live show. Admittedly Earl Greyhound rock slightly harder, mostly because of the undeniable Led Zeppelin influences, which imply faster BPMs, while Cavalier Rose's repertoire features more mid tempo tracks. But no matter what, if you are up for a night of pur rock'n'roll bliss, you shouldn't miss the show at Bowery Ballroom on 11.20 featuring both bands.

NYC Artists on the rise: Guards

Guards is the new project of Richie James Follin, the man who brought us the great NYC Rock'n'Roll band The Willowz. This new effort sounds like crooner music from the 50s, backed by a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters and produced in DIY fashion in a Brooklyn bedroom. As it happens, this is actually true as Richie himself produced, mixed and recorded all the tracks - we can safely assume he's a hipster. The overall result is very enjoyable. The first Guards release (a multi-colored 7 inch) will se the light on October 22 on Small Plates Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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