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SuperLiteBike CD Release Tonight @ Parish


Rising from the ashes of A Pocketful of Deng (a band who never had to fight for the rights to their name with anyone else) SuperLiteBike are tonight (5/13) celebrating the release of their new album Away We Go at the Parish in the company of The Carrots & Fatback Circus. 


The Spooks and Party Photographers at The Ox May 13

Sure, The Ox may come across as one of the shadiest places to play in Philly. You have to ascend a dark, creepy stairwell and then navigate a couple quiet, empty corridors before you realize "Oh! There's a show here." But once you're in the right spot, you're bound to have a great time! Especially when you're about to see up-and-coming acts like The Spooks, whose brand of retro garage sound like all the best Nuggets compilations combined and then sprinkled with a bit of surf rock, and Party Photographers so be prepared for waves of  intoxicating distortion and reverb a la Jesus and Mary Chain or Black Tambourine. The Ox, 2nd and Oxford, 8pm, $5, All Ages - Joe Poteracki


Deli Fest Thursday: Beach Fossils, Midnight Masses, Mon Khmer

The Deli's Best of NYC Fest finally begins! And it does so with a spectacularly moody bill at Brooklyn Bowl that will sure attract hordes of NYC hipsters... Beach Fossils (#10 in our 2009 year end Best of NYC list for emerging artists) is one of the most loved and blogged lo-fi NYC bands right now - they will headline the bill. Before them, Midnight Masses will lull us with their beautiful songs about redemption, sin and death, and Mon Khmer - one of our favorite emerging local bands - will hypnotize crowds with their groovy, sophisticated atnospheres that build slowly but surely.

Deli Fest Thursday: Alt Rock with Cavalier Rose, Click Clack Boom + more

The front room at Public Assembly will host 4 NYC bands more or less belonging to the "Alt Rock" genre that figured in our year end Best of NYC list or won on of our 2009 Artist of the Month Polls. The night will begin at 9 with Midnight Spin, the band that won our NYC Fans Poll. The Shake will follow with their youthful rock ‘n’ roll, catching riffs, and singable choruses. Cavalier Rose will bring some Southern twang and dark blues to the evening immediately after them with their strong live performance, while The Click Clack Boom - probably the most popular band on the bill, in the picture - will close the night delivering their epic and inventive tunes

Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Gonjasufi spin at Echoplex 5-15

The Flying Lotus and his posse of underground beatmakers will entrance the audience at The Echoplex this Saturday night, May 15, honoring the release of the new album Cosmogramma. The Gaslamp Killer’s eclectic mélange of break beat, electronic fuzzes and pops, and sampled soul will be on turntables too, along with the Vegas vet Gonjasufi.

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