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Danny Ross Pianos Residency in July

Fresh from their first sold-out Mercury Lounge date, Brooklynite Danny Ross and his band are taking over New York City venue Pianos for a July Residency on Tuesday nights. The man has chosen some great local bands to join him and kitschy themes each night with gratuitous outfits. Guest bands include Paracuta, My Glorious Mess, We Are Country Mice, Candy Claws, The Lesser Ghost, Megan McCormik, The Young Things, Eastern Conference Champions, Luke Wesley, Sasha Papernik, Lake Inferior, The Hoof and the Heel CMJ calls Ross’ debut LP One Way “Gorgeous…Immaculately arranged… I hope this album becomes a breakaway hit.” Stream it free and Pay What You Want for it here. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


Droney Psych-Rockers Telltale play Cameo, August 12

Brooklyn’s Telltale showcases an intriguing mix of experimental no-wave, reverb-soaked post-punk, and dark shoegaze. Featuring Eric Gilstrap, Laurie Ruroden, Stephan Cherkashin, and Lauren Andino, the quartet's ear-splitting washes of guitar feedback, deadpan chants and ominous droning wastelands doesn't so much blanket you as it does envelop you, overpowering you with Sonic Youth caterwauls and JAMC-esque walls of sound. The music churns in a slow burn, awash in effects, but there’s an aggression lurking just beneath the surface that maintains an uneasy atmosphere. There’s also a healthy dose of reverb to help wash down all the gauzy noise... - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


The Barrens play Party Expo on 08.06 + release album in the fall

Like a bolt of lightning ripping through the hazy summer sky, The Barrens are exploding back on to the scene with electrifying new music. Go here for 3 songs from their upcoming new full length. "Felt" is a Sabbath-soaked, guitar-fueled epic, ripping through your ear-drums with sonic precision; "Drop Sea" is a sprawling, groove-based psychedelic swim in beautifully unknown waters, and last but not least the electro-drum driven "Yellow Cigarette" which builds a smooth, thumping groove until it explodes into a summer-punky chant of youthful abandon. The debut album is coming in the Fall. Check them out at live at the DIY haven Party Expo, August 6th at 8pm. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


The Deli Magazine's Presents Burlington Summer '10 Showcase @ Monkey House 7.16

The Deli is throwing a Burlington-based showcase tomorrow at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT with a pretty diverse lineup of native Burlington acts. The Day's Weight is into indie rock meets western vibes. Neon Magus is a heavy psychedelic tribal squadron. Nuda Veritas creates beauitful sonic textures with loops and her gorgeous voice. Busted Brix mixes ska horn play with tight indie rock rhythms. They will all be leveling the stage with an upbeat night of sounds starting tomorrow at 8:30pm. (Note: Unfortunately, The Feverbreakers will not be playing.)

--The Deli Magazine

Interview: Netherfriends

There are several exciting bands coming into town this weekend for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Bands like Neon Indian, Best Coast, Free Energy, Sleigh Bells, and others are exciting new acts that will be performing at Pitchfork. However, there are a few local bands that will get the opportunity to perform in front of a potentially new crowd. The Smith Westerns, Alla, and Cave (Alla and Cave perform at the same time) will be there, but I was happy to Netherfriends returning home are spending a few months on the road completing the first leg of his ambitious 50 Songs for 50 States. I recently asked Shaun Rosenblatt, the man behind Netherfriends about the tour and his thoughts on performing at Pitchfork.

The Deli (TD): You just wrapped up the first part of your 50 Songs for 50 States tour. Overall how do you think the tour went? Did it is accomplishing what you hoped it would?
Shaun Rosenblatt (SB): Well, it's only 3 months in. I finished up the east coast and some of the mid-west. I have 21 states done. It is accomplishing exactly what I hope it would... Keeping my mind busy.

TD: Would you do something similar in the future? Do you feel bands need to tour like to this to make any kind of a living?
SR: I have a feeling after the year is up, I will be do the whole project again. Yes, OF COURSE!!! If they can, bands need to give up their apartments and hit the road forever.

TD: How are you feeling about playing Pitchfork Music Fest? How did they approach you?
SR: Very excited, but not expecting much. They emailed me and asked.

TD: What can fans expect to hear and see at your set on Saturday (1:00pm Balance Stage)?
SR: Some new, some old songs. See some new and some old band members.

TD: What's coming up next for Netherfriends?
SR: Moving to Seattle for a month for the 50 songs 50 states West Coast tour and then Alaska tour in September.

Netherfriends plays Pitchfork Music Fest on Saturday at 1pm on the Balance Stage, and will also be performing later that night at The Inconvience at 9pm. In addition to that he will be also be playing at Double Door on July 18th and at Ball Hall (with The Zookeepers) on July 23rd. Netherfriends self-released a new album called Barry & Sherry on June 15th.

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