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Holy Ghost tour with LCD Soundsystem, play Terminal 5

Holy Ghost is a rather new electronic duo that's about to start a world tour with their good friends LCD Soundsystem (this is why they say that PR is an important part of everybody's career!). The guys sound to us like a mix between the chilled atmoshperes of Air and disco influences inspired to the electronic sound of the 80s. Booty shakers may want to see them perform at Terminal 5 with LCD (only 1 date out of the 4 booked is not sold out yet). Their upcoming EP, Static on the Wire, will be released on May 18th on DFA Records.

Quennect4 Benefit Compilation

Several musicians from around the city have come together to support the family behind Quennect4 Gallery which was forced to close in January. The benefit compilation they have created is available only by making at least a $10 donation to Quennect4 through Kickstarter. Make your donation today and receive a download code on the May 7th release date.

Midnight Masses play Deli Fest on 05.13 at Bklyn Bowl with Beach Fossils

Religion inspires musicians in a variety of ways. Some praise the lord (gospel) others worship the devil (death metal). Religion gifted Madonna her most memorable moment, and only last year Christopher Owens utilised his upbringing in the Children of God cult to inspire a Beach Boys-esque pop album with his band Girls. Midnight Masses are at completely the other end of the spectrum from Owens. Redemption, sin and death run through their music, reflecting leader Autry Fulbright’s upbringing as a preacher’s son. Religious imagery is rife. Their vocals often ring out which a church-like echo. No doubt the untimely death of Fulbright’s father acted as a catalyst for these meditations, but from that tragedy, something beautiful has grown. I spoke to Midnight Masses’ front man on these inspirations. - Read Dean Van Nguyen's interview with the band here. See them live at the Deli's Best of NYC Fest on 05.13 at Brooklyn Bowl.

Dedicated Ears Show @ Chopin Theater

This Saturday music blog Dedicated Ears will be hosting a concert that will feature two quality local singer/songwriters. I long felt that Brendan Losch is one of the most underrated musicians in the city and I was thrilled to see him included in this line-up. Brendan was kind enough to send me a new track for everyone to enjoy.

You can catch Brendan with David Safran and Pretty Little Empire (St. Louis) at Chopin Theater on Saturday May 8th.

Tender Loving Empire Grand Opening Party Tonight!


You're already supporting local music right? So why not support all other types of creative endeavors all under one roof? Tender Loving Empire, the Whole Foods of media and art, is having their Grand Opening Party tonight from 6 - 10pm.

TLE is a media and arts collective, record label, comics imprint, consignment store with tons of homemade goods (cards, jewelry, pillows), gallery, custom screenprinter, concert/event production house, and a dangerous place to go if you are on a shopping hiatus.

Under their label are popular local bands Typhoon, Hosannas, and Boy Eats Drum Machine, the lattter of which will be playing at the party at 8:30 p.m. You can also check out earlier in the night an art show curated by Hungry Eyeball.

TLE is fully supportive of Do It Yourself activities, so why don’t you Do Yourself a favor and head out to their party tonight at 412 SW 10th Ave. (1-1/2 blocks south of Powell's Books, across from the Ace Hotel Cleaners)?

It will be a great chance to hear some good music, see some cool art, support the local arts, and check out awesome handmade items in their store. But be warned, I hear it's hard to leave without buying something.

- Deanna Uutela

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