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The Faster The Treadmill

I Fight Dragons have done it again. The band's new video for their track "The Faster The Treadmill" was animated by Grey Gerling and the song itself appears on their debut ep Cool is Just a Number.

Slowly by Daniel Knox

The site You, Me, Them, Everybody has begun to make music videos and their first two releases feature Daniel Knox and Black Math (Part of Me). Both video were directed by the man behind YMTE Brandon Wetherbee.

Onze Pedraz

This September, Tall Corn will be releasing the next album from Lobisomem (aka Brad Loving). The new album, Onze Pedraz is inspired by a month long trip to Mali. Loving, now living in Brooklyn spent many years soaking in Chicago’s improvisational music scene and that freedom is still very apparent in his electronic compositions. This full-length picks up where Loving’s ep Brightest Solids, which was released earlier this year, delves into a more topical realm.

Onze Pedraz will be released on September 24th by Tall Corn.

Lobisonem readies electronic instrumental release

Inspiration works in weird ways, all artists know that. Brooklyn producer/musician Brad Loving's recent experience can testify that: a trip to Mali, one of the most georgeous African countries - although almost completely electricity-less - inspired... an electronic album! The full CD, presented under the project name "Lobisonem" and produced by John McEntire of Tortoise, will be released in september under Tall Corn Records, but a track can be previewed (or should we say "pre-heard"?) here.

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