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Chicago born, but currently Brooklyn living, Bill Brenmar has been ripping it up lately. He is the drummer for These Are Powers, but is making a name for himself with his remixes. In the last few months he has received a ton of attention for his mixes of song by Blondes, Aaliyah, and Yeasayer. Brenmar has also composed several original tracks, and we can only hope for debut ep or album in the near future.

Join Us at Molestice This Saturday June 19!!!

OK, so I once lived on a rare block in Center City with a bunch of my friends. Well, around the corner on Cherry St., but we were honorary Mole people. If you are thinking to yourself “Cherry St., I think that I’ve been there before”, you probably have been. My house was a commune for weird musicians who liked to get fucked up and the people who liked to get fucked up and listen to them play, but outside just around the bend, you had plenty of strange characters hiding in their Colonial style row homes that once were used as servants’ quarters for the plantation. You had self-elected Mayor of Mole St. Neil Benson, a former international photo journalist turned dumpster diver and “found art” trailblazer, the pro skaters and their gang of shredding junkies and video filmmakers, the dreadlock people who liked twirling fire, Mrs. Polanski (R.I.P.) who was pretty crazy and racist but we forgave her because she was too old to know better, the Swedish dude who sells cheese and loves to dance (no, he’s not on drugs - I don’t think) almost as much as he loves his trusty sidekick/master “Super Dog”, and many, many more. It was/is a great community of folks, and almost like clockwork or maybe a sundial, we shutdown our beloved N. Mole St. to celebrate “Molestice”.

What’s Molestice? It’s when music, food and drunken people all collide into a shitload of fun for hopefully the longest day of the year (or most likely the Saturday before it:o)! Well, I’d like to invite everyone and their friends to join us this Saturday for the 26th Annual Molestice Block Partay! The Deli was asked to invite some of our talented, fun-loving friends so we figured that it’s not really a partay without the high-energy performance and comical lyrical stylings of Chang Chang (oh yes - “we’ll paint this city red, and then we’ll paint it back again”). We also couldn’t resist asking former Featured Artists of the Month, Harry Rocket and Attia Taylor. We might get to experience our first live “hair rocket”! You’ll surely be smitten by the experimental pop of the adorable Attia Taylor. The community of Mole people and friends, Wasted Potatoes, Casey Alvarez, The Paper Janes, and 61 North, will also be kicking off the festivities. There will be FREE FOOD and BEER provided by the kind and friendly neighborhood residents and generous sponsor Rex’s Pizza. Molestice, N. Mole St. (between 15th/16th St. and Cherry/Race St.), 12pm - 8pm, FREE, All Ages

Molestice Lineup Schedule: Wasted Potatoes - 12pm; The Paper Janes - 1pm; Casey Alvarez - 2pm; 61 North - 3pm; Chang Chang - 4pm; Hair Rocket - 5pm; Attia Taylor - 6pm; DJ Adrian Hardy - 7pm

- Q.D. Tran

VOICEs VOICEs release new video and re-release old EP


VOICEs VOICEs use of pedals, loops, spellbinding vocals, and heartrending drumming results in hauntingly beautiful music that will awaken even your most subconscious dreams and fears. This summer will be the re-release of their first EP "Sounds Outside" on the venerable Lefse Records.

Somerville hosts Joe’s Jazz and Blues Fest June 19-27


In his youth, Somerville Mayor Joe Curatone blew some trumpet in the Somerville High School Jazz Band. In tribute to those days, he’s invited the city’s High School Jazz Ensemble to kick off eight hours of free, live jazz and blues at Powderhouse Park, this Saturday, June 19, from 12PM-8PM. Encompassing a broad range of styles, the line-up includes Professor Harp, Brendan Hogan & Band, Evan Marien Trio, The Ben Powell Quartet, Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band, Peter Parcek 3 and the Camelia Latin Jazz Sextet.

The Powderhouse Park event is just the kick-off. Local jazz and blues talents will be featured throughout the following week at Somerville venues, Bloc 11, P.J. Ryan’s, Precinct, Johnny D’s and Sally O’Brien’s. On June 27 at 3PM, at the Nave Gallery, the blues will turn to green, as a set by the Ruth Ristich Trio with The Sisters of Swing, serving as a fundraiser for environmental group, Groundworks Somerville brings the festival to a close.

You can find a complete schedule with artist profiles, here.

--Jason Rabin

End Love

Ok Go has released a video for their track “End Love”. Possibly known more for their videos than their music, this one finds the group practicing their moves in the park in Datarock-esque tracksuits. However, there is a video contest that goes along with this that you can check out on Facebook.

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