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New Track: "Walls" - Allegra Anka

Allegra Anka (of Cayetana) recently shared Dreams We Talk About, an EP comprised of two new/old songs, which were engineered & co-produced by Matt Schimelfenig (Three Man Cannon). “Walls” warmly blooms in a relaxed, afternoon groove, as a drum machine coaxes a casual, uplifting beat, set off by clean, strolling guitar lines. That optimistic instrumental setting mingles with lyrics that explore reading personal relationships and the complexity of allowing someone in, compared with fortifying yourself.

Patzy debuts with dreamy single "Pat's Chord Pool"

If you haven't heard of Patzy yet, well, that's because there's not a whole lot to say yet. Their About page consists of "Patzy are some friends who play music in Nashville, TN. But hey, they share a name with the guy that bangs coconuts together in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So that's pretty neat. On a more important note, Patzy has debuted their first single, "Pat's Chord Pool," a dreamy piece of psych pop drenched in reverb and orchestral tendencies. Check out the single below and be sure to look out for their Opus Uno coming out this Spring. - Chris Thiessen

Service Delay - Debut EP "Koda", Sneaky Dees 03.30

Brand new melodic punk band from right here in Toronto. Service Delay is throwin’ back to the early 2000’s pop punk. Post-Enema of the State Blink 182 and American Idiot Green Day era tunes. This 5 piece keep their tunes tight and rockin’ with some really good energy all while not losing the melodies. Their debut EP “Koda” was released in January and features 5 slammin’ pop punk tunes. Friday March 30th they’ll be playing Sneaky Dees with Rivaltown, Weigh the Anchor and Minority 905. – Kris Gies

Whiner brings Glam-Soul to life in Sunnyvale April residency

Whiner are this generation’s goth kids. Their melancholic lyrics are tempered by a glam-soul sensibility, while driving drums and dream guitar hooks work to keep their songs from being too saturated in emotion. Indeed, Whiner’s unique blend of genres creates a sound centered on the strength of both not caring and caring too much. If you can’t get enough of their addictive artistry, you’re in luck. Whiner will be performing in a Sunnyvale residency every Tuesday in April, headlining shows with emerging artists. - Amanda Ogea

Cloud finds his purpose on euphoric "Two Hands Bound"

Cloud escapes into a state of blissful euphoria on "Two Hands Bound." The lavish sound singer-songwriter Tyler Taormina creates overflows with effervescence, as gossamer electronic textures and buoyant percussion hits build into a vibrant carnival of beautiful colors. But beneath the lively exterior also lies a heartfelt message: you're ultimate the architect of your own happiness, even when outside forces try to convince you otherwise. 

"Two Hands Bound" is the latest single off of Cloud's full-length Plays with Fire, which was just released on March 9 via Audio Antihero. Juan Rodríguez

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