The Morning Benders tour with Broken Bells and The Black Keys

The Morning Benders are following up their recent US tour with more touring. Since the release of their sophomore album Big Echo in early March, they have been on the road non-stop headlining in several US cities. Beginning May 18th, they can be playing to sold out audiences in the US and Canada with Broken Bells and in July and August with The Black Keys. Additionally, Rough Trade Records will be introducing Big Echo in late June to audiences in the UK, Europe and Australia just in time to help promote, you guessed it, a European tour in the fall. Pack light fellas.

-Nicole Leigh

Best of NYC #49: MIracles of Modern Science - at Deli Fest, 05.15, 6.10pm

Miracles of Modern Science have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years because of their aggressive approach to a normally mellow genre: orchestral pop. MOMS' richness of double bass and cello, rare sound of mandolin, violin, drums, and baritone vocals, combine pizzicato and slides against a drum time signature imitating war march vigor. With upcoming scheduled appearances at the Deli's Best of NYC Fest on May 15 and a scheduled residency at Cake Shop this summer, you too might be curious to hear this colorful orchestral pop-rock band - or as MOMS better describes, “ecstatic live shows [that] have been shaking hips with instruments grandma might have waltzed to.” - Gina Alioto

The Press release new CD + Video + play The Clash Bar

The Press fits into a few different spots: they’ve got this subtle and folky warmth, a kind of cohesive thrash, a straight-forward upbeat dance grove, an in-your-face weirdness. They can touch on Primus and Grizzly Bear and The Stones and Saves the Day all at once, or completely disparately. The Beatles touchstone they cite is odd considering the band’s somewhat conspicuous lack of vocal harmony (they do have moments); but it’s also fitting in some of the ambitious turns the band makes song-to-song. Also on those vocals: the half-sung snarl reminds one of (all people) Daryl Palumbo or the more aggressive side of Isaac Brock – that is, until they make one of those hard turns and a feather-soft croon whomps you in the face with all the power of slumber-party pillow fight – it’s a good-natured kind of pain. The Brooklyn quartet is worth checking out, if only for their impressive collection of influences. See The Press live at The Clash Bar in Clifton NJ on 05.07 – DWE

DIY rootsy bill at Shea Stadium on 05.08: Roadside Graves, Gunfight! + more

This Saturday, May 8th, fans of roots music as revisited by NYC (and NJ) hipsters can enjoy a lineup of ass-kickin’ country, punk, Americana, and good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll. The Roadside Graves (in the picture - who just played with Andrew W.K.), GunFight!, Quiet Loudly, Yoni Gordon and the Goods, Movers and Shakers (Boston), Spirit Family Reunion and Wild Harem (on tour from Austin) will perform at Shea Stadium (warehouse venue) in Brooklyn. Duke Street Blog will be on hand to document the craziness for a new web series. Doors at 8! Don’t miss it!

Semi Precious Weapon release new CD in June + keep touring

Semi Precious Weapons (featured on the cover of the 16th issue of the Deli back in 2008) have been circling the globe on Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball Tour” and ,in between, headlining their very own mini-tour. While this busy band might seem to have no chance to breathe, let alone record an album, the stunning four will release “You Love You” this June in time for more summer stints with Gaga. A blend of balladic and boisterous banter, SPW's newest album bristles with their penchant for “filthy glamour” and outrageous magnetism. Sexually charged “I Could Die” bursts with shouts and driving riffs, “Put a Diamond in It" stomps, and a wild “Sticky with Champagne” bubbles with innuendo. A change of pace with canon-style “Leave Your Pretty to Me,” dramatic “Statues of Ourselves,” and romantic yet narcissistic “Look at Me” reveal the gentler side of these beautiful Brooklynites. Re-released revisions of the band’s anthems, “Semi Precious Weapons,” “Rock ‘n Roll Never Looked So Beautiful” and “Magnetic Baby” stand as staples in the band’s growing “Precious Empire.” –Meijin Bruttomesso

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