New Track: "Let it Ring" - Pritty Gritty.

“Let It Ring,” the debut single from the trio of Pritty Gritty., was recorded at Miner Street Recording, and co-produced by Julia Rainer and Jackie Milestone, as a collaboration between Weathervane Music and Girls Rock Philly. Interlacing vocal harmonies and the gentle, unwinding instrumentation cultivate a reflection inward. The song has a youthful twee-pop sound, but the message can be applied universally. Prioritizing one’s self-interest over the needs of others is a tough balancing act, but recalibrating every once in a while is a necessary exercise.


Band name: 
The Retinas
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Lizard Lounge 215
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New Jonny Clousson EP Available for Streaming & Download

Jonny Clousson, of North Carolina’s Almost People, recently shared a pair of tracks. The Two Cents EP gradually builds melodically in an uphill climb. A conversational, stream-of-consciousness lyricism opens an avenue into the emotive, internal monologue. Casual, contagious energy and sing-along-inspiring hooks make you want to stay there. Instead of getting caught up in the past or the future, slow it down, listen, and enjoy the moment.

New Track: "" - Nuna & the Wayward Spirit

Nuna & the Wayward Spirit are releasing a new single on the first of every month, accumulating to the RISE.LIKE.RAIN EP. “” serves as the first installment. Keys create an awaking atmosphere before the burst of instrumentation breaks through. Steadily matriculating in controlled steps, the track searches for solutions amid the balancing act of life. Remaining calm in the face of change, there’s a controlled, contemplative essence, as the internal evolution threatens to tear you apart. (Photo by Frank Lettieri Jr.)

The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Tulpa

The Tibetan Buddhist believe that “’tulpa’ is a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers.” Philly indie rockers, who bare the same name, just think that “it sounds cool.” And judging by the three-piece’s love for the single, “We Did It Again,” from 2003’s Biker Boyz soundtrack, which features the unholy union of Metallica, Ja Rule, and Swizz Beats, and their respect for artists like Palm, Vunderbar, and Mile High Club, we think that it would be fun to grab a few beers and pick their brains about music. You’ll have the opportunity to do so this Friday, July 15 at World Café Live, where Tulpa will be performing at the venue’s fledgling Spotlight Artist Series, alongside Brooklynites Goodfight. But first, you can learn a little more about The Deli Philly’s recent Featured Artist(s) Poll Winners HERE.

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