New Track: "Morning Sickness" - Great Weights

The quartet of Great Weights will be releasing a self-titled EP on April 13 via Bunny Cat Records. Spinning tumultuous instrumentation, the band sets the table on “Morning Sickness”. Meredith Haines vents in a powerfully personal, vocal display, affectively weaving between a relaxed and roaring approach. On Sunday, March 18, No Face Studios will be hosting Great Weights, alongside Ursula, Florry, Susie Derkins, and Spandrels.

New Music Video: "I Wish" (Feat. Ganda Boys) - Kate Dressed Up

After meeting each other at The Vigil 4 Peace & Ecology, Kate Dressed Up and London-based Ganda Boys began a collaborative musical effort, which culminated in their new single “I Wish”. Intertwining acoustic guitar and keys into an elegant, peaceful tone as the hopeful beauty of vocals blend English and Swahili. The self-produced video captures the continuous movement and travel in the universal search of one’s true place of purpose. As we await the first full-length album from Kate Dressed Up, this song serves a primer to embrace the positives around you.

New Young Statues EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Young Statues recently released a new EP Amarillo via Run For Cover. Composed, calculated musicality casually covers emotive ground. Building relaxing, exuberant waves, it gently guides one’s thoughts with a purpose. This latest batch of tracks holds the listener without lamenting in stagnation.

New Track: "Vivacious Crush" - Buddie

Making good use of their Sleepless Sound Studio and APS Mastering Deli Philly Featured Artist(s) Poll prizes, while also showcasing a fledgling lineup, Buddie recently shared its latest single. Pulverizing backend pushes “Vivacious Crush” in steamroller fashion, as an emotive heartbreaking tale unravels. Dual-guitar led charges sear through the gritty-melody. It’s heavy-hitting, love-haunting grunge-pop. (Photo by Ali Dobson)

Alt Rock

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Birthday Boy
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Creep Records Store
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