New Music Video: "Toes" - Slomo Sapiens

“Toes” serves as the first single from garage-psych trio Slomo Sapiens' forthcoming EP Hot Milk. Directed by Matt Lesko, its video is a trippy, mad experiment gone right. Balancing the backend thump with fiery guitar tangents, the song remains heavy with a playful disposition. That duality makes the Hot Milk EP something to look forward.

New Music Video: "Blood Run" - Julia Rainer

Featured on Spirits (Creep Records), a video for Julia Rainer's “Blood Run” has freshly emerged. Directed by Alex Blaszczuk, the imagery is stripped down to its cathartic core. Clearing one’s mind by walking amongst the trees and embracing the sun, a calm washes over you. Or is it just the blood?

New Lunacy EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Despite one’s best efforts, everything isn’t always bright and bubbly; in contrast, it can be quite the opposite. Rather than avoiding the chaotic darkness, Lunacy's new EP, Disposition, invites you to steer directly into it. Released via Black Verb Records, Mental Healing and Funeral Party Records, the release engulfs the listener in a cloud of ominous, futuristic ambience. Succumb to the swirling haunt of uncertainty.

New Music Video: "Necklace Stone" - The Retinas

The power trio of The Retinas recently shared a new song, “Necklace Stone”, which was recorded & mixed by Keith Abrams (Pine Barons, The Districts), to close out the year. Levelheaded vocals create a sense of calm, swaying seas, counterbalanced by the choppy grit of pace-establishing backend and escalating guitar. That steady build reaches unexpected heights in short order. Its sock-puppet video (with accompanying feline) playfully circles the globe.

New Track: "Capricorn" - Capricorn Rising

Chris Are & Buddy Leezle combine forces to form Capricorn Rising. Featured on their self-titled debut EP, “Capricorn” taps into its zodiac origin. Injecting fragments of instructional/informative recordings as triggering transitions, the track rolls in over the snap and chime of a retro beat. Juxtaposing the quick-witted confidence of the rhyme with the computerized contextualization, it’s a grimy guide. Sit back, listen and learn.

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