True Womanhood CMJ show review

I saw True Womanhood at NYC's Cake Shop during CMJ and they were absolutely phenomenal. The sheer fact that they exist is incredible to me. I think of Chuck Klosterman’s review of Chinese Democracy but this actually matters because that album would have gotten made if Axl Rose had been sealed in Wax. They play dark, post-punk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs a little bit, a little bit Fugazi, a little bit Joy Division. But it is straight DIY – that’s the rub. These guys are playing some of the most progressive music I have heard in a long time and they are doing it out of the most culturally repressive cities in the world. They tell me later that they play shows in DC that get shut down reliably by 10:30 p.m. because the police cruise the interwebs and are fastidious about time ordinance. There will be a lot more to hear about them soon, I hope. To me, they have a winning combination: nerdy and enthusiastic frontman, cute and talented female bassist, obviously brainy dude behind the kit. - Dale W. Eisinger

Bluebrain, Back in DC, and Performing Live this Saturday

If you’ve ever seen Bluebrain live, you’ll know that their aesthetic endeavors have the two brothers exploring and pushing both sonic boundaries and the visual landscape. When performing live, their haunting and multilayered electronic music, rich in deep tones and timbres, textured with interesting instrumentals and various string arrangements, and characterized by dynamic transitions in pace and rhythm, is often accompanied with strange and mystifying visual effects, making them just as much of a performance art act as it is a music show. So if you’re looking to be wholly stimulated this Saturday night, check out their interactive live performance at the recently opened venue Artisphere in Rosslyn. They’ll be teaming up with other artists like the revered Geologist (of Animal Collective) and a few super secret acts yet to be announced.  Make sure you're there to check out this interesting new gallery-meets-theater and watch as some serious musical brainpower assembles to produce plenty of killer tunes and dynamic art. Who knew dancing to electro music could be so intellectual.


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Strange Cultures
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<p><span>After literally and figuratively creating an impressive amount of buzz with their debut album and two follow up EPs, </span><st1 city=""><st1 place=""><span>Baltimore</span></st1></st1><span>'s up and comers&nbsp;Weekends&nbsp;have recently released their first full length record, titled&nbsp;<i>Strange Cultures</i>. Like similar two-man guitar-drums bands No Age and Japandroids,&nbsp;Weekends'&nbsp;Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel produce a chaos of sound, full of texture and depth that would make many other larger bands painfully jealous. In their newest collection of songs, Weekends&nbsp;splash a thin shimmery veil of tropical vibes over a mess of noise rock, transforming a seemingly schizophrenic cacophony of guitar wails into something melodic, foot stompingly powerful, and entirely enjoyable.&nbsp;<i>Strange Cultures&nbsp;</i>finds the band bringing all facets of their sound to the table, making for an eclectic combination of head-swirling fuzz that sees the vocals taking a back seat to the scorching guitar lines and rock solid drum licks. The mostly instrumental closer, &quot;Raingirls&quot; is emblematic of their sun-soaked, axe-thrashing sound, part surfer-brah, part punk rocker.</span></p>

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